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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

just a piece of my thot

This is written just to express my own personal feelings and nothing else......

As you all know that we women were created as a very emotional creature. We usually tend to think with our heart means emotionally and sometimes of course we do use our brain to make sense of something. Not everything needs logical explanation.

Guys, we have our weaknesses. Our heart is very fragile. Sometimes only the way to speak, the tone you use, and the body language you attach, even as smallest thing could hurt us. Yes we understand you guys have feelings too. We tried hard not to hurt you. Why can’t you do the same?

Before you decide to take or propose a girl to be your wife please do remember that there will be consequences to that action. Well yes it would be nice to buy a diamond ring and get down on your knees and propose, so Cinderella story. I believe most of the girls or should I say women fantasize about this fairy tales a lot?

Anyway, the consequence to it is that along with all the pleasure comes a very big responsibility. I mean really BIG RESPONSIBILITY. Did I make myself clear? Don’t freak out just yet because there is more to come. What kind of responsibility? Now you are talking my language. Okay, first of all you are no longer alone. You have two mouths to feed now. And trust me we women do love to eat! So extra mouth, and extra food means? Extra cash! Right, so ka-ching baby!

You remember how you would stare at the new Toyota or Honda in the showroom or even on the street? Close your eyes and try to recall. Go it? That is exactly how we feel when we passed by Forever 21,Nose and any other stores at the mall. Yes! We love shopping too. Oh my Gucci! See? Told ya! Ka-ching! ka-ching!

Then when we get married and have children as for malay people, we will have to go thru abstention for 44 days or even 100 days. We can’t be together and most of us know that guys have only one passion. But women have many. So can you guys be patience enough to just wait for 44 days? Or will you go out and subscribe any prostitute just to fulfil your desire? Before you ever think of doing that please remember that we suffer that 9 month carrying our babies and going through all the pain. It is not easy; remember without us women there will be no you. You will never exist; you will never be able to see the world.

Within that 9 month, we are extra fragile, extra emotional, and extra cranky. We are in pain, don’t turn your back don’t look at us with disgust, don’t ever walk away. Cope with us only for that 9 month. We will still be there for you we will still cook for you, we will still be able to massage you if you have headache, and we will still wait for you to come home every day. You are still my husband. I will always love you and take good care of you. Why can’t you just do the same? We want love we want to feel that you need us. That is about it.

Have you guys read lately? We will experience this particular event in our life that will definitely change ourselves and that event will make us feel so down. It is called the menopause. We will lose our period and have no desire towards men and to make out. Will you be able to handle that? Can you promise that you won’t go for another woman? Can you hold on to our love? Can you be faithful to us? All those “ I will die for you, I don’t need other girl, They got nothing on you.” Can you prove that it is true?

Have you faint? Guys, I never said being a man is easy. But why don’t you go for a better man? So after reading this you still want to propose her? If yes then be ready. It is not going to be easy but when there is a will there is always a way. Goodluck!