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Monday, August 6, 2012

Haw flakes

Sape penah mkn benda ni? Sedap hoiii!
Now susah sket nk cr..
Dulu fav ni..
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My bambam

Just a few pic abt my bambam..
Now dh ✗ dduk diam oke.. Nk blaja jln mama ckp..
So jom kita lyn pic je yea?
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My weekends

Morning darla :)
Hws weekends?
Mine was oukay.. Went for groceries shopping on sat @ au2.. So many people hoi!letih..
After that bought mcd for iftar..lalalalala
On sun morning we went to alter & fix my hubby's work pants..
Went here & there but no one willing to :(
After that singgah Sogo cr necktie for hubby..(Alhamdulillah he is up 1 stage :)) tq Allah...
Takpe la baby slowly eyh ni rezeki Dinah kn?
Anyway, thts sun night we gt family iftar from my hubby's side.. So we went..
Lil bambam was a bit cranky cuz lack of sleep..mlm tu tdow lena.. Susu pun taknak..
Ok so lyn pic je ea?

P/s : baju raya ✗ beli lagy but mcm ✗ nk beli cuz bj mcm dah byk..focus kt si kecik tu je..

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