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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My fav blogger

Salaam... Happy Thursday people! ^_^ feel like time flies so fast...
Tommorow is fridayyyyy...yayyers! Lulalalulalalulalulalu~
Cant wait for weekends.. So far no plans yet, but of cuz eventually we will... Haha! I'm thinking abt buying more clothes for bambam.. Dinah to be exact...
Anyway, if u ure regular reader of my blog then u will know that I had blogshop b4... Selling shawls & stuffs..
So I did gave the shawl to few of blogger... One of them is sis Fillanie..
She is new hijabers... Alhamdulillah...
Btw, yesterday slept at 10.. Massive headache... My body is very2 tired nowadays... Cant even sleep at night.. Hungry in the middle of the night..
Woke up at 3, bcuz my leg is killing me!! But dont have the heart to wake hubs up.. So this morning I apply Mustajab with pogmegranate extract... MashaAllah tht cream is very effective... Few min later the pain gone!! Alhamdulillah... Cn u imagine how painful it is for me to stand the pain whole day in the office?? Phew!
So I highly recommend this cream to all preggy mum.. Great investment..