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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Contest Mata Paling Canteq

hye guys! jowm join contest.... by who? Hikayat Si Luncai neyh yg bwat.... plus d gift is sponsored by Sweetpink Lens Shoppe......

senang jee na join dye.... kena letak pic korang dgn mata yg mengancam....with or without lens.... its up2u....

1st of all korang mesti wajib ad BLOG & FACEBOOK account.
2nd kena larh follow blog Hikayat Si Luncai neyh.
3rd kena like page Sweetpink Lens Shoppe.
4th letak banner contest neyh.

5th letak lar pic korang yg santeq2...bwat a simple entry about this contest....

1st pic sile abaikan muke yg sipi2 tu yer...

mataku beso...

pink itu menawan

jgn intai2 eyh....


6th tag 3 of ur blogger frens

last but not least tinggalkan url dekat comment box....

easy ryte??? so ladies??? ap lagy jowm join!!!