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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harrods Tote bag Giveaway by Liza Razak

hi! good morning & happy fasting... ^_^
its the 4th day of Ramadhan....Alhamdulillah....
oukayh so today feeling a bit 'rajin'
so lets join this giveaway...

Harrods Tote bag Giveaway by Liza Razak

yayy! Liza Razak is giving away her own Harrods Tote! (jumping*)

click banner to join..

& I have to attach 1 pic of " My Favourite Outfit ".

Pallazo pants 
turtle neck white inner
x10der dahlya(short white skirt to extend short shirt) 
batwing blouse
flat shoes
sunglasses as accessories

its just so comfy! : ) as a mother I need to be ready...
modest yet stylish.. ^_^
plus my bumbum is very active...
so pallazo pants help me move easily & still cover my aurah...
batwing is my favourite style... cover up my private part nicely...
I feel safe & chic at the same time...


its sooo EZ to join...
more info u can click banner above : )

p/s : who knows I might get my 'raya' bag? dpt $300! :)

hi dearest.. do u guys remember my entry about this PreLaunchX?
to those that is still a bit blur about it...
let me explain...

Prelaunchx is a company under forex.

Forex is a world foreign exchange company.. Malaysia also has Forex.. On 27/8/2012 this company will launch prelaunchx but whoever that wants to join after that date will hav to pay USD100...but now its totally FREE! Forex will pay thru PAYPAL or cheque according to how much u have earned till the date.
no harm in trying right? u won't lose a penny...
try it today!
its FREE!

so I wanna share my earning for 1 day

yayyy! :)