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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas? nahhh.. just a public holiday for me

Hello people ^_^v
just came back from short holiday I assume?
Well its ho ho ho holiday yesterday...
We went for a quick 'jalan-jalan' with the kids...
Its been awhile since we went out...

cheeky kakak

this small boy baikkkk sgt.. behave je..

mommy I want milk!

oolio again

oukay now I need ur opinion, hows my skin condition now? Ive been using this product for 2 month. Sick of the expensive product that has no effect I decided to try this product.. I want to have flawless skin so that I can use minimal make up when I go out. At the same time I want to be confident about myself...

this was taken on monday.. without edit & very minimal make up
only uv protection & eyeliner..

day cream & eyeliner.
Alhamdulillah I must say the product suits me well, I can go out w/out make up on.. Save money on the make up & make up remover.. Yayyyers!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

baca ni!

hello people ^_^
anyway, just wanna talk abt something..
Ive never expected to have babies in such young age.
& yet now I have 2 babies @ 25..
bein parents is not easy.. Honestly, it is very hard.

mai nk habaq mai kalau hang stakat nak main2 dgn baby nak syok bila org ada anak eh kau pun nk ada anak tp x jaga... kau dah kenapa dik non? anak tu anugerah Allah thu? hang jgn memain dik kang mati esk kena soal dik...
kesian anak-anak klau hang rasa blom ready nk lepaskan hidup single maka jgn la pk nk kawen dik...

ahkak (ceyh akak ker??) ni ha pun terkulat2 nk settle down.. anak duo dah bab financial mmg struggle... ghaso nk jorit kuek2... stress tu jgn ckp... tinggal x gila je..

mental & fizikal kna kuat... klau x bole meroyan

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Pixy's Gentle & Moist

Heyya, bein a working woman so I am always on the go..
& also being a not very pretty flawless face I do wear make up..
Anyway, lets cut to the chase..
I am totally in love with this 1 make up remover!
easy to remove all the waterproof make up as well...
My face is very2 sensitive.. I did tried the oil base make up remover but its making my skin feel very uncomfy...
So I switch to Silkygirl lotion base...
But after I tried this Pixy's make up remover..
I immediately fall in love with it...
& its affordable too!

top right : waterproof liquid eyeliner
bottom right : kajal
left : foundation

Pixy's Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion
Alcohol free!

Tadaaaa! with 1 swipe

Its totally clean & no oily feeling..


pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

quicky update

Hello lovelies ^_^v
its been awhile huh? So sorry for the usual been bz with life...
As u all know I have just deliver a baby boy... So time kinda limited to update & all... My apologize..
I still have 5 days of maternity leave... MashaAllah, time flies.. I still remember how I used to mumble about how boring confinement could be...
Meaning to say next week Ill be working again.. Phew!
Anyway, I don't have much stories to tell..
Stayed at home most of the time.. Taking care of both my lil rascals.. Dinah is very demanding nowadays, haih... She is goin thru her potty training now.. Alhamdulillah all is well...
As for Deen, he is growing fast Alhamdulilah...

See the 'pau' cheek 

My heartbeat

That was my dress :')

Hmmm.... I guess thats all for now... Will blog more later yea. Keep on coming ^_^v

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Friday, November 29, 2013

Confession of a Shopaholic

Hello lovely people! ^_^v
I know I know.. Long hiatus again. Well actually I'm enjoying my maternity leave. Hehe~
Working with private sector I get 60 days of ML(pfft! government get 90 days!) 
Anyway, talking about maternity leave today is my last day of my confinement! Masha Allah.
Alhamdulillah, I managed to survive whole 44 days without killing myself.
No seriusly I'm not kidding. Its super boring & I feel like my brain is gonna freeze anytime.
Imagine this, U can't go out at all so u can only get minimal amount of sunlight. When u go out the sunlight will burn u! LOL! 
& yes Alhamdulillah its salary day.
ouh my talking about that I'm gonna confess.
Honestly I didn't know that I can be as extreme as that but anyway hear me out.
Well I thot by staying at home I won't do much shopping. But I was WRONG!!!
Hetchu online shop!(eh no la me luff actually) bcuz I'm the kind who would go to a place & spend hours looking for stuffs but in the end nothing. hehe~

So I must confess... I AM A SHOPHAHOLIC! :' (
hey but we need all that. not everyday we buy stuffs. Its like an appreciation for my self. 
Like a pat on my back saying ' good job Nina, u did it!' 
I know Mr IJM will read my blog occasionally( not like before he always read my blog.)
HI BABY! ^_^v

ok so to list down every single things that I bought is impossible. Bcuz I forgot what which & when.
I'll just list what I remember.

1st thing 1st I bought clothes. Typical right? I know.
okay here goes :-

1. Dress
But actually I've been eyeing on the dress for quite some time ever since I was pregnant.
I don't have pic for it but I'll be happy to share it with u later. : )

2. Skirts
hmm... this was an accident I wanted to see fashion & style but got caught.
So far I bought 4 skirt all together. haih -_-''

3. Slimming products
LOL! u can guess right? So now I'm currently on Royal Slim Lishuo Magic & Shaklee. Yes I'm obses with my weight. well hello, I want to look good for my hubs do u have any idea how many people tried to be close2 with him? Hands of my man! huhu.. bole ke gitu?
other than that I also bought slimming lotion, as u all know this is my 2nd pregnancy. Its kinda hard for me to lose weight. there will be excess fat here & there :' ( need to get back into shape.

4. Beauty Product
ermm... hehe~ I'm currently consuming Perla Coffee. & the result is amazing!

upper left pic :  4 days after delivery(dull & tired looking skin)
down left : 7 days after consume Perla Coffee ( brighter & look healthy)
right pic : 10 days with Perla Coffee ^_^ ( ongoing result!)
I am a happy girl. LOL! sape yg xnk cantek kan? Ive been trying to make myself fairer since the beginning. Bcuz I'm tired of depending too much on make up. Once the make up is clean my face look horror! & now Alhamdulillah... 
Tell u 1 secret? I really adore Emma Maembong's skin tone. pinkish kinda white. 

4. Dinah & Deen's stuffs.
Being a mother of cuz this is also fun things to do.

Anyway, there are 2 more things I wanted so badly.


Saw this post earlier this year so I decided to buy. But that shop said they stop taking orders I search high & low for the same design but no luck until I was confirm pregnant. So I delay buying this shoes bcuz even if I get it I still can't use it. This shoes was inspired by Zara & also available in Prima Vera. Latest Info was u can get it at Summit Boutique which is much cheaper than Zara & Prima Vera. So I Google where is this Summit Boutique located. Turned out that it is located in Times Square, KL Festival City & Alpha Angle.


These bags are adorable! look at the colour! I can't afford the original but they do sell inspired one so why not.

well people thats all for now. My lil hero is crying now. gotta go!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello people ^_^v
1st of all, my phone cannot connect to wifi!!! grrrrrrr!!! WHYYYYYYYY????????
Its been 2 days now... Tried to restart my phone then connect again but remain the same....
Arggghhhh! so frustrated... I cant possibly get data plan every now & then right....

I'm gonna be free in 8 days... yayyyers!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lil Hero update

I think I didn't update much about my Lil Hero..
So anyway, Deen is 3weeks & 4 days old...
Alhamdulillah  he is growing fast... getting heavier & bigger....
Remember when he was suspected to have high jaundice level...
I couldn't sleep just to think about it.. I was so worried...
woke him up in the middle of the night to drink milk so that he will pee the jaundice out..
Alhamdulillah it went away so fast within 3 days the reading went from 12 to 10 which is the normal level..

he prefer sleeping on a wide & open space..

my precious heartbeat & soulmate

his fav style

this too!

I have 1 month more balance for my maternity leave... Actually I am looking for part time maid... 
anybody got any contact? please please inform me...
email me at
TQ in advance!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dinah turns 2

Hi lovely people ^_^v
So sorry for the long hiatus... Been busy staying at home doing nothing... hehe~
Anyway, Its my 26th day of my confinement... woohooo!
18 more days to go...gambate!!
ouh my counting days...
It feels like just yesterday I gave birth...

ok,  so on 30th Oct was Dinah's birthday.. We did something small2 for her...
Lets check out few pic on that day.....

such a simple cake.

aww..... mommy's girl is already 2 years old...

okla nah tgk tuan blog... muka pucat weyh sememeh jek... 

something small for u baby.. hope u like it...

To my baby girl :
Happy birthday darling, my Allah protect u always from evil eyes & any harm.
Remember the day when u were born.. mommy was so afraid that I might not be a great mom to u..
Looking at ur small hand makes mommy fall in love with u all over again.
 Until today well ure not that small anymore...
So then mommy realize that I don't have to be a great mom, I just have to be a good mom.
to both my Dinah Nur & Salahuddeen...
May u grow up to be a great woman wonderful person... ameen~ 
In shaa Allah...
Mommy Daddy & Deen love u so much baby! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

day 13

heyya people! (^_^)
today is my 13 day of my confinement..
rasa mcm lambat sgt je masa bejalan...
bila nk hbs 44 hari ni oiii! otak tepu oiiii duk rumah lelama...
ouh yea,Did I tell u guys Deen kena jaundice? the reading was 12.5 when we went for check up the 1st time.. Doc wanted to admit him.. but we insisted that we will come again to see if the jaundice is still high.. after 2 days, which is yesterday,we went again.. & the reading has went down!! to 10.2..  Ya Allah tq so much... :')

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

daddy & deen

Friday, October 25, 2013

My confinement routine...

Hi to all (^_^)v..
Its been 8 days, MashaAllah kenapa lah masa bejalan slow je? baru 8 hari pantang hoiii! ada lagi 36 hari, meaning 1 month plus... Omg! seksanya nak tggu 44 hari tu... :'(  my routine everyday will be..
7:00am - wake up for tungku
8:00am - shower & bengkung
9:00am - breakfast
10:00am till 1:00pm - watch tv or quick nap
1:00pm - lunch
2:00pm till 5:00pm - watch tv
5:00pm - tungku again
6:00pm - shower & bengkung
7:00pm - dinner
9:00pm -  watch tv for awhile
10:00pm - bedtime

despite the feeding & diaper changing...
I need fresh air!! ok now lil prince calling..

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our 2nd diamond ^_^ lil prince

Hye people (^_^) As I promise nak update about my delivery story. Hehe~
Actually memang plan nak live update tapi malangnye takde kudrat plus takde masa.
So anyone yg memang ada follow my instagram memang tahu la. Alhamdulillah... I just gave birth to a very handsome baby boy... TQ ya Allah! Yaay! now dah ada sepasang,lepas ni relaks dulu, nak fokus kat 2 org ni dulu. Honestly nak pregnant lagi tu mcm dah serik, sebab tak larat nak angkut perut dengan mengah dengan bad mood. memang menguji kesabaran sungguh! Tapi yg tula Allah kasi ganjaran lebih.
Nak deliver tu lagi 1 hal, uish MashaAllah.
Makanya harus diplan betul-betul gitu, yang pasti ngak perlu khuatir tentang ongkosnya. Iya pokoknya semua ditanggung beres gitu.

So anyway,
The pain started on 16/10 actually... In the morning we went for my normal check up around 830 & the passage already open 2.5cm.. To wait for it to completely open 10cm I assume it will take around 7 to 8 hours... So the doctor asked me to come again at 2pm to do the ctg & to check the opening..  After that I went straight to work I inform my bos that I will go off at 1pm bcuz might need to be admitted,  she freak out & keep on asking me to go home.. I just smile & say its ok I still can manage..
So at 1pm I went home to pick up some stuffs, the pain started.. I showered & change to comfy clothes.. Reached hospital around 230pm, as soon as I arrived they put me on ctg & then the doctor came out & asked the staff nurse to take me to wad & change to the uniform... I was so nervous that I almost puke, hubs went to work for awhile I update him so he can run to hospital whenever necessary... But until night there was no sign that I will give birth that night... Around 10pm the doc came again to check the opening, then she announce its already 4cm... I was like 'what??ONLY 4cm???' The pain was very intense already... They took me to the labour room, MashaAllah I swear my whole body was icy cold...
I requested for epidural, like the 1st delivery. As soon as I was in the room doc came terus pecahkan air ketuban which is really not comfortable. Macam terkencing tapi tak pun. All I can feel was warm liquid flowing thru my legs. After that the doc which is responsible for epidural came to me & explain a bit about this particular drug that they will inject into my spine. Let me tell u the process wasn't easy, the pain is so sharp but manageable Alhamdulillah. Around 20min I can only feel my tummy getting tighter but no pain.
I was in the LR starting from 10pm until delivery imagine that almost 6 hours. phew! Hubs was sleepy & didn't even managed to change his work clothes. MashaAllah.

At every hour the staff nurse will come & check my opening. At 12am its only 6cm. So the nurse asked hubs if he wants to sleep 1st bcuz this will take time. Hubs said no bcuz I was alone in the LR if he were to leave. But looking at his tired face I insisted him go to our room & sleep, I will call him once I'm ready to deliver.
I managed to sleep for awhile was feeling very-very sleepy. Around 230am the nurse again check my opening I was too sleepy to focus, all  I can hear was 'Alhamdulillah dah bukak 9.5cm ya puan.' I quickly text Hubs just so he could standby. Then at 330 Hubs was already there holding my hand. The doctor was also there. After few minute I feel urge to do number 2. So they ask me to start pushing. After pushing few times I can hear my baby boy crying. :') Ya Allah! It was so emotional. Hubs went & do Azan to him. I could hear clearly. Allah knows how much that change everyone's life. I was too tired so I sleep till the nurse wake me up for breakfast. I could hardly eat. The epidural effect still there.

Alhamdulillah today He is already 1 weeks. Thank u Allah. & I know that hubs really hope for a boy this time. & there He is daddy lil boy. Salaahuddeen Abul-Khattaab~ born on 17/10/2013, 3:50am. 3.05kg.

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shory entry

Salaam... Hello people ^_^v
Happy Monday dearest. No monday blues for me so far. Hopefully I'll stay positive & happy. So I can bf him for at least 6month by then I can get my diploma! Hehe. In shaa Allah.
Ouh yea! Today was supposed to be my due date. But he came out earlier than that. Alhamdulillah.
Will update regards to my delivery. Been kinda bz with confinement & baby.
But its different this time than before. Im more relax & stress free.
Hopefully it'll stay this way till the end of my confinement In shaa Allah.
Can't wait to end the confinement & go out for fresh air.
Ok lovelies got to go now...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Monday ^_^v

Hye people :) Happy monday! Monday blues much?? kinda, I woke up to a very weird dreams.. why dreamS? bcuz it was a lot of different dream all together.. phew! All I remember it was some sort like a zoo thingy with snakes & stuffs... Alamak like the old folk tales not a good sign if pregnant woman to dream of snakes right?? or no?? May Allah protect us from any harm.. Ameen~

today I am 39 weeks.. Alhamdulillah managed to go this far... So far contraction is very-very mild, & stomach cramping is very-very frequent,but no mucous plug yet.. But my doc said its not necessary that the blood will show before labour...
omg, thinking about it makes me nervous... because as u all know every pregnancy & delivery will be different than the others right? so I'm praying hard so this 1 will be normal also...
If according to my pregnancy calendar 7 days to go...

I can't wait for the arrival but at the same time I'm afraid... plus this time Ive got Dinah Nur as well.. As much as possible I don't want mama to do anything, she has been really helpful when I delivered Dinah.. Until today she is still helping me with taking care of her... & they are very-very close.. Imagine this if on weekends Dinah ussually will be with me & hubs the whole day... We will take her to the park or take her out & mama got her plan so she won't be anle to follow us.. Most of the time we will go home at night, meaning mama won't be able to see Dinah till night... After we come back she will take dinah to her room & play or she will request to sleep with dinah...see what I mean? I just hope that this coming one will be close to mama as well... Ameen~ thats the only way to distract mama from thinking about Abah & cry...

Before Dinah exist I was the one who will keep her busy..heheh.. Now Dinah will take my place... But MashaAllah so 'manja'! -__-"

Anyway, please pray for us yah? for a cute healthy baby, normal delivery & speedy recovery for mommy.. In Shaa Allah~

btw, anyone interested to buy this Rainbow Thin Cookies? contact me here or simply drop a comment here... ^_^v

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fly Friday

Hye people (^__^)
good morning & have a fly friday....
tomorrow is weekends! yippie! honestly at this very end of my pregnancy all I wanna do is sit at home & relaks with Dinah & HUbs... But well, Hubs gotta go to work to make sure before I deliver everytg is set up for his trainees...
Hmmm... I feel sorry for him having to do all this simply because he doesn't want me to wait up for him.. Everybody know that its not very pleasant to have to go to work on weekends.. :'(
Its okay baby sabar2 bit2 je...Soon everything will be back to normal In Shaa Allah...
Allah will always be with those who 'sabar'

Anyway, on tuesday We went for my 2nd check up.. I was feeling a bit sick bcuz of the mild contraction.. Felt like throwing up, dizzy & all... So Doc scan the baby, evrytg is okay just that they did a urine test to see if its really contraction or just urine infection... & also they did CTG to monitor baby's movement, heartbeat & how strong is the contraction..
I had to lie down for 20min for the result.. & Alhamdulillah everytg is oukayh just a urine infection.. Well it is harmful to the baby but still manageable...
Doc gave me antibiotic & also a Ural water..
So far its working, no more pain..
Knowning that any day now the baby will come I can't really sleep at night, Hubs had to put his palm on top of my stomach then only i can fall asleep.. eleh, nak daddy pegang je eh baby? terus senyap & tdow.. If not means u main futsal dalam perut mommy..

Next check up will be after raya haji, I don't know if it will last that long..huhuh.. I really cannot wait to see this lil one... Hoping that he/she will come way before the due date... why? I don't know I just can't drag myself to work anymore... People around keep on asking why am I still
working... haha.. Well, I wanted to rest moreeee after delivery.. I wonder why private sector only give 60 days maternity leave rather than 90days?

Baby's stuffs Alhamdulillah all complete, only mattress left.. But my truly awesome officemate wanted to get for me.. :') TQ ladies!
well, nothing much to say really basically I am waiting for the big day... Hubs said that he will cook for me.. hehe~ can u feel the love? Well TQ baby u really truly my hero...

Ok then back to work!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ngidam yg paling last..Haha!! Not

yuhuu hello lovely ^_^
if ada story means everyday bakal ter update la blog ni, if xde story kita senyap je kan?
x baik la, sorry dearest... sedang menunggu hari maka chances to update tu agak terhad...
x larat sangat sangat sangat dah skrg ni... plus false alarm dah makin kerap... Meaning the Braxton Hicks contraction tu dah rasa2 dah.. amboih dah lupa sakit dia, sekali kena balik eh sakitnye pulak! today 2nd check up dkt Al-Islam.. Hopefully everything will be ok..
Lagi best if time check up tu bole trus admit...haha!
Actually tk larat dah hoiiii nk angkut perut beso ni...

btw, sunday Mr HUbs ajak pegi last minute shopping to get some of my stuffs yg belum complete... akhirnya everytg completed..
eh wait! blom la.... pump blom smpai, akar periuk blom beli, foods dalam pantang lom stock lagi, the rest Alhamdulillah dah complete... ouh ya, my dearest officemate dengan baik hatinya nk belikan baby mattress.. :') so nice of them! dpt la we save a bit....
nk pkai duit byk after delivery ni... In shaa Allah HE will make it easier for us... Ameen~
So we went to Au2 je... grab the stuffs & we also went for my last craving food! Nandos baby!
ok enough blabbering lets see picture...

my food! tapi mkn x byk pun.. last2 Mr Hubs je yg habiskan...

meh2 nak ambek gamba dgn budak gemuk ni!

this is so adorable! at 1st she was afraid of this but after that she went & took the bag & penguin away... I was laughing my heads of! It was so freaking funny... awwww! I will definately miss her... sbb I have to focus on the baby a bit more.. but I told Hubs that I want her to sleep with me or him so she won't feel left out...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Delivery/confinement checklist

Hello people ^_^v Honestly I really wanna know if anybody read my blog :'( well yea, I love to write just to express myself... If u stop by leave me some love dearest comment or smtg..hehe... Just to get to know u :-)

Since I'm on my last trimester & waitin for the baby to pop out.. So I just wanna share my confinement checklist... I loveeeee to read about delivery,hospital bag, baby's, confinement checklist... Hehe... SEriusly its my new fav thing! I can go for hours to browse thru that kinda blog..& me likey!

alright so here we go,

1. Bedak Sejuk(mydin is wayyyyyy cheaper from kedai mamak)
2. rose water (bought 2 types just to compare- Mustika Ratu & SariAyu)
3. herbanika massage oil (I prefer Nona Roguy brand)
4. Pil Binari
5. Mandian Herba TYT(before this mama yang buat traditionaly but now dah x buat dah :( )
6. Lulur Badan ( the cheapest of all, now kan banyak yg modern type.. But I'm gonna try the
oldies way.)

Fluffy slippers for me! (^_^)v

In Shaa Allah later will share with u guys my supplement :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Antenatal check up at Al- Islam

Hello people! (^_^)
been awhile since I last update, well been busy & the tiredness kinda drag my entry...
No mood really bcuz I'm totally flat after goin home. I would cook & eat after that straight to bed. The best part is that I felt so tired but can't really sleep. :( I think my body is trying to prepare for once the baby is born. phew! struggle to the max! Honestly this time will be more challenging whereas I will be woking after 60 days of maternity leave & also planning to mommyfeed exclusively In shaa Allah.

Back then with only Dinah & my mum was helping out A LOT! I managed to rest... But now with Dinah plus new baby plus my confinement. SubhanaAllah! May Allah give me the strength to cope with this again. Ameen~ Now I am totally swollen.. seriusly, I feel like lying down all the time even sitting down makes me uncomfortable..
Anyway, on tuesday we went for our 1st antenatal check up at Al-Islam Medical Centre@ kg baru. We need to have at least @ check up then only we are entitled for the package. In Shaa Allah.. Hey Lil Ninja stay put yah, wait for a little while please? so we can help daddy ease his worries a bit?

So right the check up, I was checked by Dr Rosilawati. Very friendly very humble & cheerful dr. I can feel the warmth in her voice. compare to gov clinic(I'm sorry not to brag but the gov nurse were very harsh & loud & the dr were lifeless from the way they speak they check & scan baby, I can barely feel excited)& plus husband was not allowed to go in with wife for scanning.. Mr Hubs was a little distrated by work, I'm sure this is bcuz he didn't had the chance to 'meet' the baby in person.. After we're done with the check up he can see the baby in person( well on the screen actually :p) He looked nervous & yet excited! See? the connection & vibration u'll get if u can actually 'meet' the baby urself?
I weight 79kg now, baby is healthy & Thank Allah the Almighty baby is already in the loop. anytime now. I just hope that a day before deliver there will be sign, u know like blood or mild contraction. Hospital bags are ready in the car. Told Hubs to be prepare & stick with ur phone ALL THE TIME! hehe... bcuz knowing him if he is working he will get carried away & distracted so easily.

Next check up will be next week In Shaa Allah. May Allah protect us from evil eyes. Ameen~
till then see ya!

tadaaa! our 2nd precious Lil Nunu
frowning?? Don't worry baby everything will be just fine. Mommy & daddy will alway sbe here for u :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pengalaman di hospital kerajaan

ALhamdulillah... syukur Allah berikan ketenangan yang aku impikan...
Honestly, I was a mess thinking about the issues day & night...
I've had few days of sleepless night regarding this...
If u ready my posts in facebook U'll definately know what 'issues' I'm talking about...
Its a veru very sensitive issue really. Well at least to me...
I'm not a pious person, just a normal muslim who wants to make sure she can try her very best to protect herself from any 'fitnah'. & also a mother & a wife.

Alright to those who don't have any idea what am I blabbering about here is a bit & pieces of recap of what really happened.
On monday I went for my normal routine weekly checkup at the klinik kesihatan kerajaan. I was on my 36weeks/9 month, my baby might pop out anytime now. IN shaa Allah.
2 weeks before that they informed me that my baby was in a breech position. & they will check in the next checkup if its still breech thay will refer me to the hospital.

So they checked & positive that my baby was still breech. so the doctor quickly refer me to Hospital Ampang. Me bein all panicky almost cry on the way to hospital.
We reached at the hospital & went straight to the emergency for pregnant women.
They registered my name & asked me to wait. After awhile they asked me to change to their hospital clothes & asked me to lay down at 1 of the bed.
before that I told Mr Hubs to stay with me, but the nurse said no husband is allowed in that room. Ya Allah! I wanted to go so badly mainly because all the doctor were men! Non lady doctor available at that time. They went in & out freely in the room.
I was shaking badly & my hands & feets were numb.
After that a Doctor came to me & asked if I've been check, so I said no. He quickly uncover my covered stomach & started touching it! Ya Allah! what have I done??? this is not right, this is haram! thats my aurah he is touching I quickly cover myself after he finished.
After that experience I went to my husband & told him I don't want to deliver here. Mr Hubs went to the counter & asked the nurse if there is any lady doctor available at all & can we book. The nurse said we cannot book doctor, its all depends on the availability. Imagine if when I'm ready to deliver & only man doctor is available at that time? does that mean he will be seeing my other aurah? the one that is very very secret to any women?
Astagfirullah I just can't let that happen. I was so worried.

I told hubs that I really can't go thru that again & if given a choice I don't want to deliver here. After that hubs suggested that we went to Al-Islam Medical Centre. Yes, the fees is quite expensive but In shaa Allah we will manage. Plus Allah is the greatest planner & provider. We put our faith on that. Allah will help us if we work hard if we believe if we ask from HIM. In SHaa ALLAh! Ameen~

After I read this blog over & over again I'm sure about my opinion.. Alhamdulillah, TQ Allah!
to those muslim women please please open ur eyes & change ur mind about this issue if u think its ok for a male doctor to touch & treat urself.. Please my dear there is no 'darurat' terms in this case. there are still alot of lady doc u can choose.. MashaAllah please have some mercy towards urself & ur husband.. Of course u don't want to drag him to hell with this issue.. Aurah is not something small my dear.. believe me Allah will reward us if we try, mb the baby that we carry will listen to us be somebody good. In shaa Allah... Ameen~
& to husbands, please take care of ur wife. we are ur responsibility. protect us like u will protect ur mother. In shaa Allah u'll be a great A class real man! Ameen~

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tips for me

ok so today nak share few tips nak senang bersalin In shaa Allah.... yang ni dpt dari 1 of the mother's blog but tak ingat plak whch blog.. very informative....

1. 2 minggu sebelum due, amalkan makan telur separuh masak untuk beri tenaga.
2.Bila sakit nk bersalin, makan sebiji telur mentah.
3.Minum milo yang dibancuh dengan 2-3 sudu margerin supaya laluan cepat terbuka
4.Rebus epal hijau pastu makan time tgh sakit contraction
5.Amalkan membaca surah maryam untuk memudahkan bersalin
6.Time kat labour room, banyakkan membaca al-fatihah dan doa nabi Yunus serta sebut "Ya Fattah" berulang kali untuk mengurangkan rasa sakit bersalin
7. Amalkan minum air kelapa hujung2 nk bersalin. (ni mmg admin amalkan jugak, nanti baby lahir kulitnya bersih je)
8. Makan kurma dalam bilangan ganjil
9. Banyakkan berjalan, naik tangga ke... Exercise sebelum deliver baby
10. Amalkan makan sayur bendi, sebab orang cakap bendi berlendir so senang lahirkan baby
11.Untuk exercise, duduk bersila dan temukan kedua tapak kaki, pegang jari2 kaki and tolakkan kedua tapak kaki ke arah vagina.
12.Masa proses meneran, baring sambil kaki/ betis rapat ke peha dengan tangan memegang buku lali untuk elakkan vagina terkoyak banyak. Jangan angkat punggung semasa meneran sb nt koyak teruk
13.Amaklan menyapu minyak zaitun di sekeliling faraj bagi melembutkan bahagian tersebut
14.Semasa contraction, tarik nafas melalui hidung dan hembuskan melalui mulut. Bila sakit semakin kuar, tarik nafas dan lepaskan cepat2
15. Amalkan baca "Ya Khaliq, Ya Barri, Ya Musawwir" sebanyak 21 kali dan hembuskan dalam segelas air
16.Kerapkan bersama suami supaya laluan senang terbuka start kandungan 37 minggu
17.Minum air Selusuh. Lebih baik kalu dibuat sendiri oleh suami.. Berkat kata orang...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Monday, September 23, 2013

Krim Ibu Putih

Salaam... yuhuu people! Happy Monday ^_^
Monday blues much?? me not, sbb last week of sept mar... means? gaji mau mari... Alhamdulillah...
tp next monday la baru dpt kn... anyway, today dah genap 36w/ 9m dah preggy...mcm cepat sgt kan?
& now tgh ada kt klinik kesihatan for check up.... Ya Allah mudah2an baby tak breech lagi la yeh...

Actually nk story about this 1 product, super awesome ok! rasanye ramai je yg dah thu product ni... sbb skrg pun tgh popular... Krim Ibu Putih... penah dgr kan?
dulu masa krim ni memula kuar mmg xberminat langsung nak cuba... & tengah survey product for whitening & brightening... puas lah belek baca 1 by 1 products... last2 ada kwn jual yg ni, dia suggest tuk try test dulu... so marilah kita mencuba... memula mmg mcm tk letak hope sgt kn.. sbb dah try mcm 2 pun x work...
I is nak putih gebu gebas mcm Emma Maembong tu... Cewah! kau mampu berangan smpai mcm tu?? HAHAHA! sbb dah malas nk tenyeh make up... kdg2 make up tu ok la ni kang nk pegi kedai beli roti kau nk make up?? meroyan ke hape??
so ku inginkn kulit yg flawless & glowing.... tayah make up sgt....

3 days after using Ibu Putih

5 days

1 weeks after, ni just apply baby powder, eyeliner je. blusher pun xde..
hopefully lps ni lebih bersewi-sewi lagi.. sonang kojo den tayah nk make up bagai...

Krim ibu putih ni adalah ibu segala krim pemutih. Krim ni merupakan krim sampingan untuk memutihkan kulit wajah & badan dengan cepat.

Tiada kesan sampaingan!

Fungsi & Kelebihan Krim Ibu Putih :

-mencerahkan kulit seawal seminggu
-kecerahan secara alami, sekata & natural
-tiada penggelupasan
-menghaluskan pori-pori(yg ni mmg betul kt area hidung yg byk blackhead tu skrg dah smooth je)
- menghilangkan jerawat & jeragat serta tompok-tompok awal penuaan
-menghilangkan parut & cela
-mencerahkan bahagian yg gelap seperti celah ketiak, peha, leher dll.
-sesuai digunakan pada wajah & badan

Berat : 20g

Cara Penggunaan :

1. sapu dulu krim muka/ krim malam(untuk muka) atau losyen badan(untuk bahagian badan). kemudian baru calitkan sedikit krim ibu putih pada bahagian yg diingini & ratakan.

2. Atau, campurkan krim ibu putih dengan krim krim muka/krim malam atau losyen badan & ratakan.

Lakukan secara rutin setiap hari & lihat kesan pencerahan yang diingin hanya dalam beberapa hari!!!

Bahan-bahan :-

Pati anggur
Pati bengkoang
Hyaluronic Acid
Demineralize water
Vit E


hasil google

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jalan-jalan cari makan yg failed!

Happy Weekend people! ^_^v
When was my last update? phew been bz & too tired to update... dkt office skrg ni mmg x bole nk bkk blogspot... arahan dr bos... tp ada aku kesah? tetap bukak jgk if bos xde... HAHA!
ni la pekerja berdedikasi....
Anyway, hujung2 bulan ni fhm2 jela poket pun ala2 xde isi dah keje ada 1 more week to go b4 gaji...
sape yg keje tu thu la... So mmg x pln nk pegi mn2, but honestly kaki & hati mak buyung ni mmg nak bejalan jela... pastu nk mkn mcm2.. nasib la, dah hujung2 baru ngidam nk mkn mcm2... dlm list ada few foods lagi yg x dpt... sabar ek baby, slow2...ada rezeki kita mkn xde kang pas kamu kuar kita mkn eh?? xnk choosy sgt please kesian kt daddy nk layan kerenah kita je...

Anyway, ni cerita last week.. tp baru je transfer gamba dlm pc maka br lah bole update..hehe
Hari Malaysia org lain seronok cuti but I have to work since our company based dkt singapore jgk so kena la koje... dah la xde triple gaji, dia ganti cuti je... cisss sgt ok!
lepas keje tu bwk la Dinah kuar kejap.. sbb weekend pun x bwk pegi mana2 since mak buyung x larat...
Kami cadang nk pegi ke pavillion lah kita...
round2 kejap nk beli Jco skali tutup for renovation plak.... hampa ok hampa...

we decided to dine in here.. nama mcm gempak kan? seriusly food dia x gempak mana pun taste Mr Hubs jela... tp tu pun dia complain ckp x menepati piawaian...haaa! 

testing guna fisheye lens... blur!

cubaan ke-2... jadi tak??hehe


oleh kerana frust dgn quality foods maka takde la pic foods itu.. tp honestly x berbaloi la mkn kt sini... 

btw, today ada bazaar dkt DamaiSouq.... korang pegi tak?? nakkkkk sangat pegi tapi akhir bulan ni mano nk shoppingnye jang oiiii... lain kali buek la hujung bulan ko awal bulan ko... meriah la mak encik shopping...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^