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Friday, August 8, 2014

Eid 2014

Hello lovely  ^_^v
Selamat Hari Raya....
still dalam mood raya kan?
how was your first raya? mine was okay we managed not to kill each other.. haha!
anyway, our theme colour was pink.. NO i did not force him t wear pink, he suggested the colour...
I was suprised..heeee~

US early in the morning

ya Allah anak mak sama kecoh.. facepalm!

Last year raya was a disaster, Dinah won't stop crying when we tried to take picture I felt so devastated.. Grrrr! she kept on crying as if somebody pinch her or something like that. nasib baik this year dia x buat perangai, Deen pun behave sangat.. kalau x mommy will definitely turned into a pink hulk! Thank You Allah!

the girls in the family tp my sis in law xde this year she went back to her hometown in Melaka..

this sunday will take full family picture..teeheee : ) moment like this remind me of Abah.. Al-fatihah~
miss Abah too much Masha Allah... tp Abah came to see me on the last day of  Ramadhan.

my love, just look kat Deen Masha Allah he is growing up so fastttt...

nie all cucu-cucu my mum.. Alhamdulillah this year total 9 orang...
in brown is my big bro kids, dark blue my 1st sis kids, sea blue my 2nd sis kids..
 & in pink my kids Masha Allah..


Kak Zura's

Uda's(they are not with us this raya :'( )

Kak Zira's

US with mama. at least 1 decent picture this year.

then right after that we went to in law's house, raya sana plak.. they don't really celebrate Eid, raya haji je dorg meriah lagi.. layan pic lagi eh?

Dinah xde..isk!

mommy plak tukang ambek gambar

haaa! complete! : )

spot the different? this was a year back... nampak x perbezaan disitu?
mommy gak maintain kurus (AAMINNNN) eh! hahaha..kasi can pelissss...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^