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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 3

Salaam... Hye people! Good morning..
Yah so today I reached early at office... Around 8 Im already on my desk.... Phew! The traffic was so-so & I didn't have to panic of the traffic... Teeheeee... Biy seriously the road on Ramadhan month is very challenging... Thats kinda 1 of the obsticle that we as muslim have to go thru year by year... Never fail...
so yah today I managed to wake up for sahur & get ready to go to work... Ate my supplement & lotsa water..
Dinah was behaving nicely at night.. Woke up once for milk & thats it...
yesterday iftar was ok... Mama cooked fried chicken, hubs bought samosa.... I ate rice & fried chicken... Thts was adequate for my hungry tummy mashaAllah...
No pic available so far.... Ouh ya,
I bought few stuffs from online... Will definately blog abt it later... I'm super excited... Since non of my exciting clothes fit me... :'(
I got few stuffs from Nuuna, Lyface, Lalina Boutique, Sookascarf, & also hnnh...
No plan for iftar other than at home yet...
Soon mb... Hubs got few invi from his department...
Ok then gtg duty calls....