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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our 2nd diamond ^_^ lil prince

Hye people (^_^) As I promise nak update about my delivery story. Hehe~
Actually memang plan nak live update tapi malangnye takde kudrat plus takde masa.
So anyone yg memang ada follow my instagram memang tahu la. Alhamdulillah... I just gave birth to a very handsome baby boy... TQ ya Allah! Yaay! now dah ada sepasang,lepas ni relaks dulu, nak fokus kat 2 org ni dulu. Honestly nak pregnant lagi tu mcm dah serik, sebab tak larat nak angkut perut dengan mengah dengan bad mood. memang menguji kesabaran sungguh! Tapi yg tula Allah kasi ganjaran lebih.
Nak deliver tu lagi 1 hal, uish MashaAllah.
Makanya harus diplan betul-betul gitu, yang pasti ngak perlu khuatir tentang ongkosnya. Iya pokoknya semua ditanggung beres gitu.

So anyway,
The pain started on 16/10 actually... In the morning we went for my normal check up around 830 & the passage already open 2.5cm.. To wait for it to completely open 10cm I assume it will take around 7 to 8 hours... So the doctor asked me to come again at 2pm to do the ctg & to check the opening..  After that I went straight to work I inform my bos that I will go off at 1pm bcuz might need to be admitted,  she freak out & keep on asking me to go home.. I just smile & say its ok I still can manage..
So at 1pm I went home to pick up some stuffs, the pain started.. I showered & change to comfy clothes.. Reached hospital around 230pm, as soon as I arrived they put me on ctg & then the doctor came out & asked the staff nurse to take me to wad & change to the uniform... I was so nervous that I almost puke, hubs went to work for awhile I update him so he can run to hospital whenever necessary... But until night there was no sign that I will give birth that night... Around 10pm the doc came again to check the opening, then she announce its already 4cm... I was like 'what??ONLY 4cm???' The pain was very intense already... They took me to the labour room, MashaAllah I swear my whole body was icy cold...
I requested for epidural, like the 1st delivery. As soon as I was in the room doc came terus pecahkan air ketuban which is really not comfortable. Macam terkencing tapi tak pun. All I can feel was warm liquid flowing thru my legs. After that the doc which is responsible for epidural came to me & explain a bit about this particular drug that they will inject into my spine. Let me tell u the process wasn't easy, the pain is so sharp but manageable Alhamdulillah. Around 20min I can only feel my tummy getting tighter but no pain.
I was in the LR starting from 10pm until delivery imagine that almost 6 hours. phew! Hubs was sleepy & didn't even managed to change his work clothes. MashaAllah.

At every hour the staff nurse will come & check my opening. At 12am its only 6cm. So the nurse asked hubs if he wants to sleep 1st bcuz this will take time. Hubs said no bcuz I was alone in the LR if he were to leave. But looking at his tired face I insisted him go to our room & sleep, I will call him once I'm ready to deliver.
I managed to sleep for awhile was feeling very-very sleepy. Around 230am the nurse again check my opening I was too sleepy to focus, all  I can hear was 'Alhamdulillah dah bukak 9.5cm ya puan.' I quickly text Hubs just so he could standby. Then at 330 Hubs was already there holding my hand. The doctor was also there. After few minute I feel urge to do number 2. So they ask me to start pushing. After pushing few times I can hear my baby boy crying. :') Ya Allah! It was so emotional. Hubs went & do Azan to him. I could hear clearly. Allah knows how much that change everyone's life. I was too tired so I sleep till the nurse wake me up for breakfast. I could hardly eat. The epidural effect still there.

Alhamdulillah today He is already 1 weeks. Thank u Allah. & I know that hubs really hope for a boy this time. & there He is daddy lil boy. Salaahuddeen Abul-Khattaab~ born on 17/10/2013, 3:50am. 3.05kg.

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^