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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pop Cake

da lame kowt teringin na mkn pop cake neyh...
duk goggle d recipe....
2day since Mr.Hubby ad kat rumah
so i decided to try my luck...


cake yang di kepalkan jadi bola2

chocolate yang dicairkan... add a bit oreo crumb..

tadaaa! lepas dicelup dgn coklat....


satisfactory face....hahaa....


hye korang!

oukayh now imagine this
korang memang sangat2 ta tahan & na pegy toilet 
u tried to find toilet..quickly!
bile masuk  jee toilet lepas buang air tetibe cari paip air TADE!!!
thats lyke totally OMG!
cane na basuh neyh?
pastu ad larh 1 small box contain paper tissue....
d answer is WIPE IT....not so awesome ryte?

u have to pay for it!
hell kan?
u pay then no pipe.....

d most prestige mall but d toilet tade pipe...
cmon, bkn foreigner jee yg pegy mall tu....
or else put 2 or 3 toilet with pipe...