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Friday, November 29, 2013

Confession of a Shopaholic

Hello lovely people! ^_^v
I know I know.. Long hiatus again. Well actually I'm enjoying my maternity leave. Hehe~
Working with private sector I get 60 days of ML(pfft! government get 90 days!) 
Anyway, talking about maternity leave today is my last day of my confinement! Masha Allah.
Alhamdulillah, I managed to survive whole 44 days without killing myself.
No seriusly I'm not kidding. Its super boring & I feel like my brain is gonna freeze anytime.
Imagine this, U can't go out at all so u can only get minimal amount of sunlight. When u go out the sunlight will burn u! LOL! 
& yes Alhamdulillah its salary day.
ouh my talking about that I'm gonna confess.
Honestly I didn't know that I can be as extreme as that but anyway hear me out.
Well I thot by staying at home I won't do much shopping. But I was WRONG!!!
Hetchu online shop!(eh no la me luff actually) bcuz I'm the kind who would go to a place & spend hours looking for stuffs but in the end nothing. hehe~

So I must confess... I AM A SHOPHAHOLIC! :' (
hey but we need all that. not everyday we buy stuffs. Its like an appreciation for my self. 
Like a pat on my back saying ' good job Nina, u did it!' 
I know Mr IJM will read my blog occasionally( not like before he always read my blog.)
HI BABY! ^_^v

ok so to list down every single things that I bought is impossible. Bcuz I forgot what which & when.
I'll just list what I remember.

1st thing 1st I bought clothes. Typical right? I know.
okay here goes :-

1. Dress
But actually I've been eyeing on the dress for quite some time ever since I was pregnant.
I don't have pic for it but I'll be happy to share it with u later. : )

2. Skirts
hmm... this was an accident I wanted to see fashion & style but got caught.
So far I bought 4 skirt all together. haih -_-''

3. Slimming products
LOL! u can guess right? So now I'm currently on Royal Slim Lishuo Magic & Shaklee. Yes I'm obses with my weight. well hello, I want to look good for my hubs do u have any idea how many people tried to be close2 with him? Hands of my man! huhu.. bole ke gitu?
other than that I also bought slimming lotion, as u all know this is my 2nd pregnancy. Its kinda hard for me to lose weight. there will be excess fat here & there :' ( need to get back into shape.

4. Beauty Product
ermm... hehe~ I'm currently consuming Perla Coffee. & the result is amazing!

upper left pic :  4 days after delivery(dull & tired looking skin)
down left : 7 days after consume Perla Coffee ( brighter & look healthy)
right pic : 10 days with Perla Coffee ^_^ ( ongoing result!)
I am a happy girl. LOL! sape yg xnk cantek kan? Ive been trying to make myself fairer since the beginning. Bcuz I'm tired of depending too much on make up. Once the make up is clean my face look horror! & now Alhamdulillah... 
Tell u 1 secret? I really adore Emma Maembong's skin tone. pinkish kinda white. 

4. Dinah & Deen's stuffs.
Being a mother of cuz this is also fun things to do.

Anyway, there are 2 more things I wanted so badly.


Saw this post earlier this year so I decided to buy. But that shop said they stop taking orders I search high & low for the same design but no luck until I was confirm pregnant. So I delay buying this shoes bcuz even if I get it I still can't use it. This shoes was inspired by Zara & also available in Prima Vera. Latest Info was u can get it at Summit Boutique which is much cheaper than Zara & Prima Vera. So I Google where is this Summit Boutique located. Turned out that it is located in Times Square, KL Festival City & Alpha Angle.


These bags are adorable! look at the colour! I can't afford the original but they do sell inspired one so why not.

well people thats all for now. My lil hero is crying now. gotta go!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello people ^_^v
1st of all, my phone cannot connect to wifi!!! grrrrrrr!!! WHYYYYYYYY????????
Its been 2 days now... Tried to restart my phone then connect again but remain the same....
Arggghhhh! so frustrated... I cant possibly get data plan every now & then right....

I'm gonna be free in 8 days... yayyyers!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lil Hero update

I think I didn't update much about my Lil Hero..
So anyway, Deen is 3weeks & 4 days old...
Alhamdulillah  he is growing fast... getting heavier & bigger....
Remember when he was suspected to have high jaundice level...
I couldn't sleep just to think about it.. I was so worried...
woke him up in the middle of the night to drink milk so that he will pee the jaundice out..
Alhamdulillah it went away so fast within 3 days the reading went from 12 to 10 which is the normal level..

he prefer sleeping on a wide & open space..

my precious heartbeat & soulmate

his fav style

this too!

I have 1 month more balance for my maternity leave... Actually I am looking for part time maid... 
anybody got any contact? please please inform me...
email me at
TQ in advance!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dinah turns 2

Hi lovely people ^_^v
So sorry for the long hiatus... Been busy staying at home doing nothing... hehe~
Anyway, Its my 26th day of my confinement... woohooo!
18 more days to go...gambate!!
ouh my counting days...
It feels like just yesterday I gave birth...

ok,  so on 30th Oct was Dinah's birthday.. We did something small2 for her...
Lets check out few pic on that day.....

such a simple cake.

aww..... mommy's girl is already 2 years old...

okla nah tgk tuan blog... muka pucat weyh sememeh jek... 

something small for u baby.. hope u like it...

To my baby girl :
Happy birthday darling, my Allah protect u always from evil eyes & any harm.
Remember the day when u were born.. mommy was so afraid that I might not be a great mom to u..
Looking at ur small hand makes mommy fall in love with u all over again.
 Until today well ure not that small anymore...
So then mommy realize that I don't have to be a great mom, I just have to be a good mom.
to both my Dinah Nur & Salahuddeen...
May u grow up to be a great woman wonderful person... ameen~ 
In shaa Allah...
Mommy Daddy & Deen love u so much baby!