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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog Nana Giveaway: FREE Manicure & Pedicure Treatment!

jowm join giveaway ni : )

Blog Nana Giveaway: FREE Manicure & Pedicure Treatment!

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so easy ^_^v

p/s : mane thu rezeki Ramadhan kan?


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have u ever heard of

Prelaunchx is a company under forex.
Forex is a world foreign exchange company.. Malaysia also has Forex.. On 27/8/2012 this company will launch prelaunchx but whoever that wants to join after that date will hav to pay USD100...
but now its totally FREE! Forex will pay thru PAYPAL or cheque according to how much u have earned till the date.
no harm in trying right? u won't lose a penny...
try it today!
its FREE!
p/s : jom join blh simpan duit :)

Bio Oil contest

Alhamdulillah ^_^v
Yayy! Tp bile tah nk ambek?
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this year Ramadhan

hi dearest....
still rying to adapt to Ramadhan....
sahur is the hardest...hehehe...
since now dah jadi isteri orang right?
so cannot malas2 oukayh...
I request to hubby that i will cook in the morning but hoiiiii mata ni taknak co-operate pulak!
so usually at night will take quite heavy dinner la sbb takut tak terbangun....
isk....perangai kamu ni...

anyway 2day is the 3rd day & also 1st day working day of Ramadhan....
Iftar kt office la jawabnye....
I is very sedeyh bcuz cant Iftar kt rumah... with Dinah Nur..

its like those yang jauh from family tu...
faham tak?
but bila dah puan & dah ada anak ni...
raya pun ala kadar je...excited untuk sikecik tu je...
baju raya pun mb pakai baju yg sedia ada...
my hubby pun samo...
byk commitment lain actually...

its oukayh janji those two priorities of mine ada je dkt i kira oukayh lah...happy sajork...

3rd Ramadhan

Salaam luvly ladies :)
How's ur Ramadhan fasting so far?
Its the 3rd day of Ramadhan..
Anyway, my weekends was ok.. On sat we juz stayed home while sun we took our lil precious to KLcc park.. :) will update with pic later yah.
Wanna show u guys smtg..
The pic was taken yesterday.. Нёнё☺☺нёнё☺☺
My baby is observing d daddy talking.. Cute!
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