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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last weekend

Its the last weekends for 2012...
Alhamdulillah I'll be a year older & also our marriage will be a year older...Alhamdulillah...
On sat we went to MidValley....yayyyy!
Badly craving for durian crepe...
Managed to get it.... XD

nampakkkk takkkk? setappnyeeee hoiiii

We walked around & there was this Voir sale!! I'm talking about 50% 70% sale!!!! But not yet salary day so we just look around n window shopping....sadness!

On sunday we went to the park but  it was full n no parking even....
After that we decided to go to au2 aeon.... To do what??pic for sunday on d next entry ya...
for now jom tgk pic my bambam...

so happy running around when she saw the mascott...

just woke up

dia nak tht thing angkat dia bole?? -_-''

tak hbs2 salam..

tgk? salam lagi...aahhahaha

baby girl ni ganas ok dia nmpak dinah trus dia tolak...hush!

tgh2 org tu...pedulik kan dinah?

soooooo happy...ololololo...rinduuuu

Talking about anniversary right... I seriusly dun know wat to get him or wat to prepare... Thot of goin for a dinner with him....hmmmm....