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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Le Trianon

Yuhuuu.... Hello people! ^_^v
Its fridayyyyy! Yeayyy! Hehe...

Have u ever tasted Royal Fresh Cake? Also known as Le Trianon? According to a friend of mine its like a Ferrero Rocher in cake form... If u like Ferrero Rocher then ull definately dig this cake.....
Lemme just describe the cake for u...
Consists of 3 layers
Bottom- macaroon base/biscuits
Middle- consists of pure praline,almond & nuts
Top- pure belgian chocolate ganache NO ADDED SUGAR just pure chocolate!
Totally a foodgasm...
Wait! Wanna know how much 1 slice costs? With approximately (3cm width, 7cm breadth, 5cm height) RM8.90!!!
Quater (750g)- RM59(8-12 slices)
Whole cake (3.5kg)- RM229(32-40 slices)
Actually I havent had the chance to try it myself...
The only place u can get it from is
Citta Mall, Ara Damansara LG floor....

Wordless Wednesday kah?

Salaam... Morning people ^_^v  slept around 10 last night... I was supposed to put Dinah to sleep instead mommy tertido.. Hehe... Penat sgt kot? Mcm keje cangkul2... Uish, but seriusly nowadays mmg penat je.... Patutnye nak dduk dgn hubby dpn tv tu... Hubs yg sleepy actually Tp last2 wife yg ketiduran plak... Dinah la ter 'meh meh' mommy ajak masuk bilik baring dgn dia... Eh mommy ni mana bole baring 'je' automatik mata pun nak tertutup je... Haha... Buruk perangai...

Smlm managed to cook for dinner,hubs tu pun dah tk mkn sgt... Kdg2 je if terasa nak mkn itu ini baru dia beria mkn... If not nasi pun taknak.... Diet katanye... Dah gemuk... Sukatik la baby as long as u tak lapar... But bkn ke if dah kawen mmg mcm tu? For guys I mean?... I ok je u gemuk ke buncit ke I terima u seadanya... Eceh!

Anyway, now tgh buat budget & list for baby... Excited!! Tapi gender tak thu lagi... So safe beli white jela kan? Nak beli diapers...hehe... Lps ni kena beli 2 size la, XL & NB... Cute right?
Mmg kena beli cecepat kang baby kuar brg apa pun takde.... Survey2 dulu nak tggu baby fair mmg lambat lagi... So kita beli jela dulu erk...
Nak beli baju baby, nk cuci lagi nak prepare bag pegi hospital lagi...hoi kang tak sempat kang naya je....