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Monday, September 19, 2011


I just loveeeeee babies....don't u? I mean they are the cutest thing ever! plus wangi plak tu....alololololo~ comel oukayh...gerammmm! naty my baby da born tataw cane...asek kna picit2 jela kowt dgn mummy dye neyh...hikhik~

see,this baby br 3 month old da pandai senyum2...

actually br bangun tdow behave sgt2...ta nangis pown... 

pipi tembam! gerammmmm hoi!

dua2 pic neyh ad flash...cian dye 

ayam penyet

sorry eyh dearest lately duk update sal food jee...hehe...almaklum larh tgh bernafsu dgn food...
after delivery pown na update sal food jgk but different for abstention/confinement...

pena cuba ayam penyet ta?
it is super duper yummy!

neyh ad larh Soda Gembira(mixture between siraap bandung & ice cream soda)

ayam penyet...
peha ayam,tauhu goreng,tempe goreng,kangkung rebus,kubis & sambal yg mabeles!

other than tht ad daging,udang...mmg best....go & try!mmg berbaloi...