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Monday, January 31, 2011

Listen Up!

oukayh peeps....listen up!

lesson 1 : do not over luv someone!
really, dun ever cuz u'll get hurt.... shitty heartbreaking BS mess....
trust me.... ppl so many be it...its lyke watever!

lesson 2 : do not hope for any reply 
means dun ever luv someone & hope for a return... u knw wat i mean?
it lyke this dumb ass line
'but i luv u so much....u shud luv me back!'
see??? so silly....watever really.... if u really totally luv someone u juz dun gv a fcuk if he/she luv u....
if he/she did then thank god if not????? tough luck! too bad u r juz u... FULLSTOP!

lesson 3 : luv urself b4 u luv somebody else
seriously dude.... look at urself in d mirror, happy? well,try harder!
take care of urself....ur heart, very fragile ryte? train it to be fragile proof...
wat d hey? is ther such term? watever....

my own theory in life...absurd huh? well, juz tryin to protect myself....