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Sunday, December 18, 2011

15th of dec

salam....hye allz! its been a while since i wrote ryte? so here goes nuthin...
supposedly tiz story is on d 15th..hehe...
kire cam da basi neyh..hehe...tapee,still bleyh cite kowt kan?

oukayh here goes nuthin... on d 15th of dec 2011 mr hubby keje & his shift ends at tggu punye tggu dye pown blk...tym salam dye tu dye bt ala2 ta heran cam pelik kn...slalu nye dye mesty tnye 'hw r u baby' 'hows dinah' tp neyh ta trus je masuk bilik...ceyh! na sentap neyh

pastu lyn larh dye mkn, pas mkn naek tdow... tgk2 ad 5 roses on d bed...holoh2...sweet ta sweet ta???

siap ad card twu ta dye tulis ap?? alarh, maluuuu...ceyh geli...

ce try enlarge kan pic neyh then bc sendiri erk... :)

actually kami jumpe on d 15th of june 2010... its already a year & 5 month... few more days will be ours anniversary...1st year... ^_^

p/s : please pray for our happiness yah...