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Thursday, September 1, 2011

rude uncivilized creature~

have u ever come across rude uncivilized creature ...only dare to talk when it only involved women?
well, I have...several of times actually which pisses me off real bad....
u just put urself in the lowest part of all....
u knw that u should treat any women d way u want ur mother, sister & daughter to be treated...
but i guess u treat ur mum that way too? up dude!!!
stop bein  sissy & be rude to others...
ur life must be really miserable ryte?
nuthin wrong with bein polite...
ppl will respect u more...
i pity ur girl/wife...
i bet u shout at her all the time??
to her please go & find urself someone much more gentle man 
u deserve someone better...

our honeymoon on Eid :)

we went to the beach...best2....for the very 1st tym vacation as hubby & wifey :)