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Monday, March 30, 2015

you lil creep

Gahhhh! super moody super pissed today... Everything is haywire, geram pun iye jugak... Rasa macam nak tunjal2 orang..

I've never ask you to follow what I do or how I do it. People just have different ways to express themselves. Some prefer being silent about it, some just need to let it out and get over it. Its really not fair for you to expect people to follow your style.
My dear,
do you realize that sometime I ignore your comment or simply never response to your comment? because I feel that you are trying to put people down by saying
'Hey, I know what's goin on. I've live your life. So just follow my flow.'
Dude, Its not that simple.
Now sweetheart I don't mean to be harsh or anything like that.
But girl, unless we are really close and you've been in my shoes then you are welcome to comment. Or else honey my advice is to just shut it and deal with your own shit.
as simple as that.
If you don't anything nice to say better off not saying anything at all.
you little creep! there! I've said it.. I always thot you were kinda creepy.

peace! ^_^v