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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Delivery story *part1*

hello daisy  : ) so as i promise I wanted to share about my delivery story.. Its been 15 days, harap2 ingat lagi la ek..

26th April
Time nie dah start sakit2 dah.. belakang, bawah perut, & ramai yg tegur ckp perut dah kebawah sangat.. mama pun ckp.. actually a week b4 that I've already experienced the pain aka contraction tapi I thot it was Braxton Hicks cuz my edd is still very far away.. I was still in my 37weeks.. as for the 2 I gave birth only when I'm 39weeks so I thot it will be the same for this 1.. haha! 
Alright back to the pain, I asked hubby if we can go jalan-jalan somewhere just to help with the labour process.. He took me for groceries shopping.. But the pain was ald consistent.. I didn't want to worry him so I tagged along.. After we came back I felt a strange urge to go.. But I just assume its the poop not the baby..
& at night I cant seems to sleep as it is too painful even when I try to walk & change position...

Wow! I am not sure if I should go to the hospital now or to wait for morning to come.. with those 2 i experience pain only when i reached hospital.. so I dun really paid much attention bcuz right after tht I asked for epidural...

This was me on my last day as a pregnant lady.

27th April 2015 4am
I started feeling an intense pain all over my lower part.. i tried to walk sit go up the stairs just to ease the pain but man it wont go away!! The pain is like wtf i tell u... I almost want to drag hubby out of the bed..LOL! 
So I went to tk a shower wudhuk & dressed.. I woke him slowly told him that I want to go to the hospital now...

When we reached the hospital they checked it was already 5cm!! How crazy is that??? If I go a lil bit later than that I might give birth in the car...

What happened next? Wait for part 2 ;p

Now my lil princess is calling for milkshake.. gtg!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^