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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Breastfeeding journey 2

Salaam alaykum...
Hello lovely..
Hows your Ramadhan so far?
Mine went well Alhamdulillah...
Still praying hard so HE will ease everything... In Shaa Allah
Its the 5th day of Ramadhan & I am still enjoying my leave till the very last bits.. u knw how nice it is to just wake up & not having to worry abt wat to wear & rush to work? Gahhhh! Im sooo gonna miss these leisuring day with the kids at home... yeah the kids cn be a handful sometimes but w/o them ill be lonely..
So how r u brestfeeding moms doin? I pray u are all well & enjoy breastfeeding... In Shaa Allah.. I still cant imagine how is it goin to be when i start to work.. my pumping session, will she be cying bcuz she cn no longer direct feed during the day? Masha Allah thinking abt it scare the hell out of me.. May Allah ease everytg..
I wanna share what I ate during Ramadhan for sahur & Iftar.. 
1st day 
Sahur  = rice+kari, 7pcs dates, tamar                    cocoa(hot), 1ltr of warm                             water, 1 glass of choc milk.
Iftar     = Murtabak daging, chicken                         rice(kids leftover), taufoofa,                    1ltr warm water,3 pcs dates.
Day 2
Sahur  = rice+kari, 9pcs dates, 1 ltr                        warm water, 1 glass of milk
Iftar =  3 pcs dates, roti john, tamar                      cocoa+ cream cracker.
Day 3
Sahur = rice & egg, 5 pcs dates, 1 ltr                      warm water.
Iftar  = apam balik, taufoofa, bubur                     lambok, kuih akok, putu mayam.
 Day 4
Sahur = rice+ vege soup with sausage,                  6 pcs dates, tamar cocoa.
Iftar= idok ler teman tahu lagi.. yg                     penting dates & taufoofa..
Yang teman perasan dates definately help with my milk production.. so imma stick with dates..
milk booster masing2 xsama yer sayang2ku.. rajin2 experimen apa yang sesuai dgn awak.. jadi mak xboleh malas.. lagi2 nk menyusu nie kena banyak ilmu.. Ive learned from my mistake..

Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan

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Always set a positive mindset..