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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Syurga isteri

Entry b4 raya...
I wanted to blog abt this long time ago tp lupa...

I still remember the time when he proposed me.. :')
I thot it was a 'hey wanna be my girl?' U know those plain..hmm I'm bored I want a gf things like tht.. Bcuz him in college is a well-known drifter...but now Alhamdulillah.. The crown is down.. & he also smoke! Yikes! That's a BIG no-no for me.. But we managed to get rid of that Alhamdulillah again..

& now we are 1..halal..
As me struggling to be a wife & a mother..
Its not easy..
I love babies! :)
When its ur own it makes a BIG different..

The responsibility as a WIFE is not smtg I wanna toy with..
If ur husband is please with u Inshaallah Jannah awaits u..I'm aiming for that..
My dad once said 'nina, kalau dah kawen nanti kena taat suami..abah dgn mama dh jatuh num 3..jgn melawan..neraka tmpat nina nanti,lagi 1.. Jangan bangga kalau jawatan atau gaji lagi besar dari suami.. Jangan bangga sebab mampu nak sara diri.. Jangan igt duit tu duit kita jd kita bangga.. Jangan pandang rendah suami.. Skrg redha Allah ada pd redha abah dgn mama nanti dh kawen dh ada suami kalau suami TAK REDHA maka redha Allah kita takkan dpt..'
I will always remember that..

Its not easy to be a wife or mother..I'm still struggling..

Syurga isteri letaknya pd suami..maka search lah for ur husband blessing.. Inshaallah u'll be happy in this world & hereafter.. Aamiin...

P/s : selamat hari raya! :) mood raya sudah mari..

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