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Sunday, June 5, 2011

useless rude bitch!!!

rude to the fullest!!! damn pissed with this 1 cashier at a hypermarket ( CARREFOUR) wangsa maju....  soooo rude! me & my mum went shopping for groceries there earlier today.... then after taking all needed stuffs we went to the payment counter to pay.... then the counter was stuck due to the problem cause by the receipt machine... so we went to the next counter..... she was an indian girl which is also a trainee... she looked at us as if we did something wrong... then i just ignore but then she did it again...looking at me & my mum so i looked at her back asking whats wrong...she just looked... with that annoying facial expression... putting our stuff in palstic bag mixing detergent with food??? then toss it to us.... at first i thought she didnt do that on purpose but then same goes to other items...which started making me lost my patience....after finished my mum gave her the total that we need to pay...she took it & toss all the money on the counter!!! WTF???? hey! u don't like working then don't! so many other people are dying to take the job.....! useless bitch!!!

fast 5

entry lapuk da neyh....actually monitor my hubby rosak so taleyh na online... online gune lappy cam ta puas cuz kecik entry da berzaman baru na update...

have u watch fast * furious 5? uish! u must! uhsommmeeee muvie... i've watched twice...
1st tym was with my buddies then my hubby pown na tgk so we went after his late shift at 10:10pm TGV klcc...

when d muvie finished it was almost 1230 so no more lrt...tough luck huh???
we had to walked for 1/2 an hour to kampung bru bcuz we parked our car there...
alahai, 1 hal plak na bejalan...

but anyway, mmg best d muvie....

oukayh bye na pegy bfast roti canai