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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giveaway by KZNabihah Boutique ^_^v

hye u ollz!
da lame ta join GA/contest kan?
so 2day na join contest yg maha simple & d prize pown sgt2 ohhhhhsemmmm!

oukayh 1st of all Ga neyh is brought to u by KZNabihah Boutique

neyh syarat2 GA neyh...very d simple u ollz!
sgt2 rugi if ta join....

online shop adalah best untuk shopping!
seriusly, it is.... why? sebab convenience... no need to buang minyak bayar tol cari parking na shop for nice clothes/accessories/bags...just on ur laptop then click mane2 blogshop yg best2, pilih the items & order....
after confirmation just have to bank in the total amount & few days later ur order will be post in front of ur door... heaven isn't it??? : )
me myself enjoy online shopping....easy & simple...
the items are really nice also...
plus we can help the owner which is usually young woman..

by the way boutique neyh ad page dekat facebook

see, canteq kan that yellow blouse??
tp da sold out pown...

bags pown ad.... :)

peacock lover dress
soooo nice!!

so tempting kan??
so jown larh terjah blog & facebook page Cik Bihah neyh