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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lupa Diri?

kadang2 sedeyh taw tgk org sekeliling jd camtu....bkn ap kite same2 membesar...even thought bkn dr kecik tym hakikatnye kite same....walaupun darah kamuu jenis O & darah sy jenis AB...tade bile kamuu ad duit sket popular sket kamuu lupa diri...haih, knp eyh kamuu camtu? kamuu lupa yg time kamuu susa dulu sape yg bantu? lupa? Allah, ta mengenang budi sungguh kan kamuu neyh....sekeh na? Allah bg kite rezeki lebeyh so that kamuu bleyh bukak mate tlg saudara pown manusia kan? cepat lupa...nampak duet gelap mate lupa keluarga....isk3....

oukayh larh sorry, ai bkn na judge u ke pape just that bile u bwat statement camtu i jd pelik.....eyh? kite neyh bwu knl ke? u pandang ai mcm ai langsung ta penah wujud dlm idup u? tp takesah larh syukur u senang skunk...jgn lupa tuhan erk...jgn takbur....still kan? u mmg pelik....

ai taheran ooo pangkat darjat keturunan u eyh....if cani larh care u layan ur langsung ta kagum....sedeyh.......cian u....tapee Allah tu twu...baek buruk sesuatu lambat laun orang twu....hah! relaks ar...jgn gabra...bukak mate u tu yer.....kenang balik ap yg u pena bwat...ap yg orang laen pena bwat & tlg u....

p/s : lupa daratan mcm ketam naek darat tamao offshore da...ketam oukayh lagy, kalau manusia?


hye allz! heeee~ Mrs Weiyda bwat giveaway lagy larh....that no luck for me, tade rezeki...but nvrmnd...not to give up...kite try lagy...kali neyh mane twu kan?
anyway, contest neyh senang jee na join....
syarat - syarat na join GA neyh :

1--> Korang kena FOLLOW 2 blog iaitu 

2---> Klik LIKE di FIND US ON FB di mana salah satu SIDEBAR blog contoh seperti dibawah ini

3---> Buat entry dengan tajuk : 
dan letakkan BANNER tersebut di entry dan sidebar korang dan jangan lupa backlinkkan balik ke blog ini yer...

4---> Ikut suka mahu TAG ke xmahu Tag ke kat blogger lain sbb GIVEAWAY ni terbuka untuk sesiapa sahaja tanpa paksaan...

5----> Tinggalkan LINK DAN KOMEN ANDA DISINI sahaja yerp untuk memudahkan MRS WIEYDA memberi respond utk entry anda itu...

hadiah dye? best ooo...unique jeee...

: Lampu Tidur ala2 Fantasy gitu (Lampu Tidur yang ada air kat dalam ala2 fantasy gitu diperbuat daripada simen)

: MRS WIEYDA akan menggunakan RANDOM.ORG untuk memilih 5 orang yang bertuah akan memenangi stuff untuk wanita..

easy ryte? so ap tunggu lagy? jowm join????

Chocolate Give Away For Lucky Sweet Couple

"back then i was just a plain simple ordinary Me.... until U came into my Life & makes Me smile each time I think of U... U r the reason I could smile again....
so we decided to be beside each other & grow old together...
& so U & Me became US...."
~This is OUR story~

we were in the same college back in 2007 till 2008 but we never really talked to each other.. because he was so called " hot stuff" & I was just a normal chubby girl...after both of us graduated he continued his study at local university & i was unemployed for 1 & a half years, well i did worked in a cafe for 2 weeks solid & turns out that the cafe was nearby his house... i did saw him once... after my resignation from the cafe we are again apart... few month later someone familiar "pop up" on my facebook chat box... & guess who is the mystery person??? Yes, of course.... Its him! i was totally shocked but quite excited to know what is his intention really pop up there.... so I was bored & we talked for hours.... he asked my number but I was too afraid to trust him with my number...well, Me not very popular girl yet him "hot stuff" got the idea?? so I delayed giving him...but instead Mr Smarty was too determined to get my number & so he search.... & yes he got it... the next day i got a message from anonymous number & i ignored... later that night we chat again...from chatting we realized that we have many similarities....heeee~ then we set up a! was it a date? haha...i think it was.... anyway, our date was set up at KLCC..  we went for a movie "Karate Kid" then sits at the garden for few hours.... @ approximately  around 8pm according to the maxis clock tower...he proposed... ^_^v this was his exact sentence..." will u be my girl?" well, b4 that i can sense & see that he was nervous because he smoked more than 5 cigarettes.... i asked him y & he replied " i'm about to make a very big decision that will change my life forever" & i was like wat??? & yes i said yes but only if he would come to my dad's tahlil.... surprisingly he did came ALONE! he amazed me so much.... on Ramadhan, he wanted to treat us for break our fast... so we went to "Ali Baba's" restaurant.... mama & my sis were there, they interviewed him.....
16th October 2010..... our engagement day..... we does not want to keep it long so we choose to be legal husband & wife on the 1st of January 2011.... alhamdulillah... 
so here we are happily married... After all this he told me that he was actually tried to look for me... he noticed me back in college....creepy right? but also it is sweet & a half.... :) 

pray for our happiness yah people!^_^v

This GA is brought to u by Ima Salsuzaima.... if any of u wishes to join this Contest go to this link.....
just try ur luck....who knows.. ^_^v