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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pengalaman di hospital kerajaan

ALhamdulillah... syukur Allah berikan ketenangan yang aku impikan...
Honestly, I was a mess thinking about the issues day & night...
I've had few days of sleepless night regarding this...
If u ready my posts in facebook U'll definately know what 'issues' I'm talking about...
Its a veru very sensitive issue really. Well at least to me...
I'm not a pious person, just a normal muslim who wants to make sure she can try her very best to protect herself from any 'fitnah'. & also a mother & a wife.

Alright to those who don't have any idea what am I blabbering about here is a bit & pieces of recap of what really happened.
On monday I went for my normal routine weekly checkup at the klinik kesihatan kerajaan. I was on my 36weeks/9 month, my baby might pop out anytime now. IN shaa Allah.
2 weeks before that they informed me that my baby was in a breech position. & they will check in the next checkup if its still breech thay will refer me to the hospital.

So they checked & positive that my baby was still breech. so the doctor quickly refer me to Hospital Ampang. Me bein all panicky almost cry on the way to hospital.
We reached at the hospital & went straight to the emergency for pregnant women.
They registered my name & asked me to wait. After awhile they asked me to change to their hospital clothes & asked me to lay down at 1 of the bed.
before that I told Mr Hubs to stay with me, but the nurse said no husband is allowed in that room. Ya Allah! I wanted to go so badly mainly because all the doctor were men! Non lady doctor available at that time. They went in & out freely in the room.
I was shaking badly & my hands & feets were numb.
After that a Doctor came to me & asked if I've been check, so I said no. He quickly uncover my covered stomach & started touching it! Ya Allah! what have I done??? this is not right, this is haram! thats my aurah he is touching I quickly cover myself after he finished.
After that experience I went to my husband & told him I don't want to deliver here. Mr Hubs went to the counter & asked the nurse if there is any lady doctor available at all & can we book. The nurse said we cannot book doctor, its all depends on the availability. Imagine if when I'm ready to deliver & only man doctor is available at that time? does that mean he will be seeing my other aurah? the one that is very very secret to any women?
Astagfirullah I just can't let that happen. I was so worried.

I told hubs that I really can't go thru that again & if given a choice I don't want to deliver here. After that hubs suggested that we went to Al-Islam Medical Centre. Yes, the fees is quite expensive but In shaa Allah we will manage. Plus Allah is the greatest planner & provider. We put our faith on that. Allah will help us if we work hard if we believe if we ask from HIM. In SHaa ALLAh! Ameen~

After I read this blog over & over again I'm sure about my opinion.. Alhamdulillah, TQ Allah!
to those muslim women please please open ur eyes & change ur mind about this issue if u think its ok for a male doctor to touch & treat urself.. Please my dear there is no 'darurat' terms in this case. there are still alot of lady doc u can choose.. MashaAllah please have some mercy towards urself & ur husband.. Of course u don't want to drag him to hell with this issue.. Aurah is not something small my dear.. believe me Allah will reward us if we try, mb the baby that we carry will listen to us be somebody good. In shaa Allah... Ameen~
& to husbands, please take care of ur wife. we are ur responsibility. protect us like u will protect ur mother. In shaa Allah u'll be a great A class real man! Ameen~

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^