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Monday, September 5, 2011

yayyyy! suda dpt!

at last! dapat jugak frozen yogurt neyh...hikhik....sour2 sket but nice..... : ) 
na try yg tutti frutti cam mahal gyla jee????

p/s : ad ta sesape na dtg uma beraya??????

menopause freak man out??pfft!

look i'm not sayin that bein a guy is easy...but bein a girl not as easy as u think it is either.... 
us girl NO women have our own role...just like u guys....
so tell me can u carry a soul inside of u for 9 month then risk ur life when he/she is ready to see d world?
can u bear the pain? after 1 pregnancy or labour or delivery....we can't eat certain stuff & guess what? mb its our favourite...  but we have to let it go as for our health & for ur sake.... y?
bcuz if we're sick we can't be a gud wife? or even mother?

all u have to do is be a gud husband to us & a gud father to ur kids... go to work & come bak everytg is ready for u.... as for us? if we r working after done with work at d office we have to prepare food for u, clean d house, do d laundry.....our duty never stop....

but when 1 day u realize that we no longer capable of satisfying ur sexual needs.... u walk away?
yes, us women when certain period of time comes we will experience this very big changes in our life
at this very stage we really need ur support xtra care & attention from u....
seriusly.....we might seem strong & tough but we want u to hold us & say that u;ll always be there for us no matter what....
same like how we would do anytg for u...we will gv up ourselves to carry ur beautiful & cute babies....
how we r willing to gv up our single life to be with u for the rest of our life....
u guys just went out & find a fresh meat to replace us.....

it really pisses me off when a guy/husband/father would ask to marry another woman with stupid reason "I have my need" or "She can't give me what I want" 

if she can't give u what u want then tell me where does those kids come from???
if she can't give u what u want why marry her from the beginning?
u have need???what about her???

think man before u decide anytg....
stop bein a **hole & grow up.....!