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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Plan B

Salaam... hello Love ^_^v
After a long 'cuti' from writing now I'm back! hehe....
so these pics were taken early this month I think on Chinese New Year...
Well since me & hubbs are not working on that day & Alhamdulillah salary is out so lets take the kids & mama for luncheon somewhere nice..
So we decided to go to Publika... Most of the shops were close due to CNY... Quite dissapointed tho... :'( But then we walked till the end of the mall just to check out the place.. then we stumble upon these cozy restaurant Plan B ^_^v
It was indeed great choice.. The food was super nice & the portion was quite big...
price wise was okay judging my the taste the portion & ambiance..

le kids..

le foods.. yummy nyum nyum!

Dinah Nour with her tacos

le hubbs with the movie pose -_-''

Dinah.. she was running & turning & climbing everywhere..

see what I mean?

le mommy le daughter le son = COMPLETE (alhamdulillah)

Dinah back to exploring, mommy gonna sit here & look around.. Publika is a very nice place to go...
Its kinda artsy type even the chair is weird2 kind..

this boy behave nicely.. good boy Deen we can go jalan again with daddy yah!
ssshhhhh.... dont tell kakak okay. (pinky promise)

Ya Allah whose husband is this???? He just like to do all this weird pose & acting all crazy...
In front of everyone he just don't give a damn if people lokk..haih -_-''
anyway I still love u baby : )

Loveeeee this pic to the max & teaser for next entry ;p