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Monday, July 18, 2011

long tym craving...

after craving for quite some time yesterday only I've got the chance to taste it again!!yayyy!
where exactly does this particular place????

tadaaaaa!!!!yahp! Chilis.....nyummy! few month ady been longing to eat here....

reach there around 830pm still got soo many ppl queuing...
waitin for their turn...
we waited for almost half hour then only gt available seat....

manusia happy bile dgr mam na blanje Chilis... hikhik~

neyh larh org yg na blanje tuuuu... TQ mama!

this was my hubby's Rib smtg...

mama's Triple Play

mine...OldTimer burger
(soory pic senget) 

this is what i'm crazy about!!!
Southwestern Eggroll

finish! mostly Mr Hubby jee yg hbs kan...hikhik~

muke ta puas haty cuz dessert ta sampai2...

Chocolate Molten Cake!!!!!
double yummy!!!

danggg!!! i ate half he ate half.....hehe~

satisfactory face... : )

loose style pashmina (peach)
(yahp! i luk fattttt)