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Monday, March 3, 2014

26th birthday

Hello Love : )
Happy Birthday to me! hehe...
Thank U Allah for another year & wiser...
At this age I achieve quite a lot Alhamdulillah... I'm married to a charming man Mr.IJM, a proud mommy of 2 beautiful babies Dinah 3yrs & Deen 4m.. me love these 3 human.. haha
my wish for myself :-
Dear Nina,
Thank u for coping with my craziness wacky attitude... thank u for co-operation with all my silly acts... for 26 years u stay by my side & never get bored...
u r such a awesome person & I love u..
my wishlist y'all
1. House
2.New phone(Note 3 of cuz)
thts my major list..kikiki~ but anyway

On that very day  I bought some tits bit for the people in my office, & stop by cold storage to buy a bit choc & candy... As I walked in the office they started singing birthday song to me loudly! hahah~

top : 1 year old me
bottom : 26 year old me
(people said Dinah look like me..yayyy!)

early birthday gifts for me 
purse/choc/ring/card from Sasha & Siew Lee
tq tq

bracelets/watch/cuppies & card from
Lilly,Rajes, Ivy,Zura,Kim,Sharifah,Jenitha,Eyla
awww! thank u pretty ladies : )

Ice Cream cakes from hubbs
teeheee~ I was telling him abt this since early feb..
gift??? suprise3

tadaaaa! last minute gift from zura the gorgeous handbag! 
me love me love me love!

Thank u for all the wishes & du'a... U really make my day Masha Allah...