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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Memory lane

Hello,hw R u today?
4give me for the Jolly mood I'm in..
Just gt my 'RAYA' spirit..
Since 6 yrs back my 'raya'was rather dull.. :(
last year was ˚☺k!˚˚☺k!˚
Lil Dinah ws still inside me.. :')
so cnt do anytg much whereas I was treated like a QUEEN.. Heaven ^_^v

So this year, me & hubby decided to spend time 2gether as much as possible with Lil angel & families..
as much as I miss Abah :'(
Back to the story..
I wanna share abt these 2 very important stuffs..
1.The Ring
2.The bracelet

The Ring was our very 1st ring 2gether..couple ring.. He bought it when he wanted me to meet up wth his sisters.. *gulp
It has carvings inside the ring.. '9I27A 4LIFE'
After this very 1st couple ring our 2nd couple rings was our WeDDing Ring :')

Story of the bracelet...
It was from pakistan, he wanted to gv me smtg he likes to wear so he gv me this..actually we rotate everytime we meet up..
At 1st it was twice in a month but then once a week..
He'll come over to my U just so we chud meet.. :')
Thts my man..

I love this 2 things..
Very2 precious.. He still wear the ring &sometime we do rotate to wear the bracelet..

P/s: today is my last day @ work..esk cuti!! Yayyy!sukeeee!kbai

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