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Friday, February 21, 2014

Purple & Orange

Hello Love ^_^
Lamaaaaa dah x story morry about me (duh! my blog of cuz I'll update about me kan..)
Anyway, This story was back on CNY..
This was my aunties's cousin's son's wedding.. hehe~
 At 1st I was reluctant to go bcuz the day before we already went out & plus the next day we r goin to The Strand damansara for the damansara street fest...
But then mama is goin so lets us all go... Decided what to wear was a hustle too -_-''
cuz none of my baju kurung fit me anymore :'( well most of em are either xs or s or m size...
(yes2, i know i gain like massive number of kg after my 2nd baby..) Somehow I can fit in this purple baju kurung which is m size o_o teeeheeeeee~ 
paired with dear hubbs purple baju melayu & for the kids orange kebaya for Dinah & orange cny romper for Deen...

The food was awesome Alhamdulillah... the bride & groom were very pretty & handsome so they suite each other well.. MashaAllah suddenly when we were eating they started playing this song 'For the rest of my life'.... Aww! our song...(well actualy the song belongs to Maher Zain but we had this song played on our wedding day when we walked in the aisle.. :' ) damn u memories!

so actually I wanna share our pics can u believe it?? OUR pic.... all 4 of us!hehe.. Its amazing how we always missed our pic.. I mean all 4 of us... so Here it is

my small happy family Alhamdulillah...

ouh Dinah was looking at those other kids who were playing

mommy wasnt ready for the shot

well we don't see mommy's teeth very often don't we? 
(i have a very ugly teeth if u must know)

last shot! & perfect! 
thanks to mama

just had to share this 1 pic of us...

So right after the wedding we went home & drop mama & Deen because we need to do some groceries shopping... 

see mommy's lil girl posing her style

daddy's princess.. aren't it just lovely when u see a close bond between daddy & daughter??

now while waiting for daddy, Dinah was the one who pull me close & say 
"picture mommy'
seriusly... u read my mind baby..hehe

so yah tomorrow Dinah will be goin to sarawak with mama & my sis.. I'm gonna miss her like crazy!!! :'(