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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ngidam yg paling last..Haha!! Not

yuhuu hello lovely ^_^
if ada story means everyday bakal ter update la blog ni, if xde story kita senyap je kan?
x baik la, sorry dearest... sedang menunggu hari maka chances to update tu agak terhad...
x larat sangat sangat sangat dah skrg ni... plus false alarm dah makin kerap... Meaning the Braxton Hicks contraction tu dah rasa2 dah.. amboih dah lupa sakit dia, sekali kena balik eh sakitnye pulak! today 2nd check up dkt Al-Islam.. Hopefully everything will be ok..
Lagi best if time check up tu bole trus admit...haha!
Actually tk larat dah hoiiii nk angkut perut beso ni...

btw, sunday Mr HUbs ajak pegi last minute shopping to get some of my stuffs yg belum complete... akhirnya everytg completed..
eh wait! blom la.... pump blom smpai, akar periuk blom beli, foods dalam pantang lom stock lagi, the rest Alhamdulillah dah complete... ouh ya, my dearest officemate dengan baik hatinya nk belikan baby mattress.. :') so nice of them! dpt la we save a bit....
nk pkai duit byk after delivery ni... In shaa Allah HE will make it easier for us... Ameen~
So we went to Au2 je... grab the stuffs & we also went for my last craving food! Nandos baby!
ok enough blabbering lets see picture...

my food! tapi mkn x byk pun.. last2 Mr Hubs je yg habiskan...

meh2 nak ambek gamba dgn budak gemuk ni!

this is so adorable! at 1st she was afraid of this but after that she went & took the bag & penguin away... I was laughing my heads of! It was so freaking funny... awwww! I will definately miss her... sbb I have to focus on the baby a bit more.. but I told Hubs that I want her to sleep with me or him so she won't feel left out...