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Friday, July 26, 2013

17th Ramadhan

Salaam... Hello, Hi people! Good Morning friday!
 yayyyy! Its friday means tommorow will be weekends means I can leisure at home  ^_^v
12 more days before Eid... Radio station is playing all the 'raya' songs... weehuuuu! can u feel the heat???
I bet most of u will be on holiday starting next week NO? Its 'balik kampung' time... & the best thing is the traffic will be superrrrrrrrrrrr 'lengang' bestnyeeeeee.... This morning gt out of the house around 810 & we managed to reach before tak cool tak?hehe... ouh ya, probably its because today is Nuzul Quran so most of the 'selangor' people is not working... But I bet that bazaar & shopping mall will be full for iftar & shopping later on, government servant already received their salary... sobs :'( as for private sector we will have to wait till end of the month.... I have a lot of things to buy... Dinah's stuffs mainly, this year mommy daddy beli baju dinah jela ek... that day I saw this 1 baju kebaya for her...ololololo~ comelnye anak mommy nanti... We all plan nak simpan for trip tu nanti, boleh lah splurged kat sana nanti...

Anyway, smlm kn we went to the bazaar again at setiawangsa... Terbayang2 murtabak maggie, tapi sayanggg dah habis... So kami beli samosa lamb, mango juice & uncle bob chicken... sampai rumah mama dah goreng indomie.... uish heavennye mkn indomie panas2.... For sahur I ate bread with nutella & horlicks...

tadaaa! kad raya ready to pos out.... tunggguuuu!