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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Love- Note 3


Isn't it just lovely?? Sexy red I want I want you... Life is so unfair... Why you so expensive my love?? 
I just can't get my eyes of you.... I've been dreaming of u my love... Your sleek body & design... Your hot colour & amazing camera... You took my heart away... I hope I will be able to hold you in my arm... 

MashaAllah Nina whats got into you??? Note 3 is really something worth to get if You're planning to get new gadget... Great investment I think... 
anyone dah guna Note 3 nie?
comment la  yea : )

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Friday, February 21, 2014

Purple & Orange

Hello Love ^_^
Lamaaaaa dah x story morry about me (duh! my blog of cuz I'll update about me kan..)
Anyway, This story was back on CNY..
This was my aunties's cousin's son's wedding.. hehe~
 At 1st I was reluctant to go bcuz the day before we already went out & plus the next day we r goin to The Strand damansara for the damansara street fest...
But then mama is goin so lets us all go... Decided what to wear was a hustle too -_-''
cuz none of my baju kurung fit me anymore :'( well most of em are either xs or s or m size...
(yes2, i know i gain like massive number of kg after my 2nd baby..) Somehow I can fit in this purple baju kurung which is m size o_o teeeheeeeee~ 
paired with dear hubbs purple baju melayu & for the kids orange kebaya for Dinah & orange cny romper for Deen...

The food was awesome Alhamdulillah... the bride & groom were very pretty & handsome so they suite each other well.. MashaAllah suddenly when we were eating they started playing this song 'For the rest of my life'.... Aww! our song...(well actualy the song belongs to Maher Zain but we had this song played on our wedding day when we walked in the aisle.. :' ) damn u memories!

so actually I wanna share our pics can u believe it?? OUR pic.... all 4 of us!hehe.. Its amazing how we always missed our pic.. I mean all 4 of us... so Here it is

my small happy family Alhamdulillah...

ouh Dinah was looking at those other kids who were playing

mommy wasnt ready for the shot

well we don't see mommy's teeth very often don't we? 
(i have a very ugly teeth if u must know)

last shot! & perfect! 
thanks to mama

just had to share this 1 pic of us...

So right after the wedding we went home & drop mama & Deen because we need to do some groceries shopping... 

see mommy's lil girl posing her style

daddy's princess.. aren't it just lovely when u see a close bond between daddy & daughter??

now while waiting for daddy, Dinah was the one who pull me close & say 
"picture mommy'
seriusly... u read my mind baby..hehe

so yah tomorrow Dinah will be goin to sarawak with mama & my sis.. I'm gonna miss her like crazy!!! :'(

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Plan B

Salaam... hello Love ^_^v
After a long 'cuti' from writing now I'm back! hehe....
so these pics were taken early this month I think on Chinese New Year...
Well since me & hubbs are not working on that day & Alhamdulillah salary is out so lets take the kids & mama for luncheon somewhere nice..
So we decided to go to Publika... Most of the shops were close due to CNY... Quite dissapointed tho... :'( But then we walked till the end of the mall just to check out the place.. then we stumble upon these cozy restaurant Plan B ^_^v
It was indeed great choice.. The food was super nice & the portion was quite big...
price wise was okay judging my the taste the portion & ambiance..

le kids..

le foods.. yummy nyum nyum!

Dinah Nour with her tacos

le hubbs with the movie pose -_-''

Dinah.. she was running & turning & climbing everywhere..

see what I mean?

le mommy le daughter le son = COMPLETE (alhamdulillah)

Dinah back to exploring, mommy gonna sit here & look around.. Publika is a very nice place to go...
Its kinda artsy type even the chair is weird2 kind..

this boy behave nicely.. good boy Deen we can go jalan again with daddy yah!
ssshhhhh.... dont tell kakak okay. (pinky promise)

Ya Allah whose husband is this???? He just like to do all this weird pose & acting all crazy...
In front of everyone he just don't give a damn if people lokk..haih -_-''
anyway I still love u baby : )

Loveeeee this pic to the max & teaser for next entry ;p

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hello Love ^_^

Hi lovelies ^_^v
sorry for the loooongggggggg hiatus....
been busy with work, family & blablabla....
update about life... Dinah & Deen Alhamdulillah sihat...
Last week me & Dinah just recovered from a very loonnnggggg fever.... phew!
It was indeed tiring to even think about it... I was totally out had to take 3 days mc from work...
But Dinah was even more pity bcuz she cant even eat or drink water :'(
she will throw up everytg she ate or drink... Masha Allah I just have to stay strong not to broke down & cry... hihi silly me
anyway, I am currently under a huge dilemma of things... :'( I just when this happened u know, It makes me feel like something is wrong but I cant fix it & thts just very very frustrating!
hmm... Dinah & mama will be goin to sarawak this coming weekend.. me & hubbs are planning to either stay at home or take Deen out..  but it won't be fun without Dinah around.. ouh well mama insisted to take Dinah with her..
alright then till next time.. Im gonna get back to work now.. praying for a raise & promotion perhaps...kikiki~
p/s : if any of u followed my Instagram (ninazeeisme) & my fb (nina zee) I recently did upload few pic of my preloved stuffs.. go check it out if ure interested :-)
pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

meh nak letak pic my 2 army nie

hehe... my cheeky lil one

teaser for next update?