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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HFW Week May Day 2- Favourite Hijab

Salaam... Hye luvly people... ^_^

I started to wear hijab when I was 14 if I'm not mistaken... that was when bawal scarfs is so popular among my friends... it has been almost 10 years of my hijab years... through out that memorable years fashion change new creation of hijab was created yet till now still...

My style of hijab I adopt from a lot of popular style & modify to fit my face & also my comfy... for the

HFW-Week May Day 1
~Favourite Hijab~

so here goes my favourite hijab

Palazzo pants (ampang point)
turtle neck inner (uniqlo)
x10der (dhalya)
batwing blouse (batik valley)
pashmina ( zarra hijab)
plain shoes (theownfai)
sunglasses (unbranded)

I love pashmina because it can cover not only my hair but also my chest... &its super comfy! try it ull love it too... nowadays most of the hijab are either see thru or too short...

Take Care! :)

click HERE pretty if u wanna join :)

HFW Week May Day 1 -Leaders in Hijab

Salaam.... for ze very first time I am participating in ze most famous blog

HFW ^_^v

Hijabi Fashion Week May Day 1
~Leaders in Hijab~

Frankly Speaking I'm not the 'leader' type... As u all know being a leader comes with a BIG responsibility...
anyhow now I have no choice yet happy to have this HUGE responsibility to
mi amore Mr Hubby & also mi angel lil Dinah Nur
super BIG responsibility or shud I say responsibilities? -_-''

here's my simple look for Day 1

black maxi skirt ( rnr collection)
leopard print shirt (unbranded)
long curve cardigan (Lyface's Shawl)
plain flat shoes (theownfai)
pashmina (unbranded)
earing brooch (jln TAR)

good day! ^_^v

click HERE to join

tHijabi Fashion Week baby!

Salaam...hello luvly :)

as u know I'm joining this  HFW thingy...

I am super super excited!yayyy!

It will be held from May 28, 2012 - June 03, 2012, and here are the themes for this season's HFW:

Day 1 - Leaders in Hijab: What leadership roles do you have & how do you dress for them as a hijabi?

Day 2 - Favorite Hijab: Create an outfit inspired by your favorite Hijab!

Day 3 - Time Travel: Bring something back from the past and combine it with a recent item or trend!

Day 4 - Destinations: If you could go anywhere for fun, where would you go & what would you wear?

Day 5 - Special Occasions: Eid, formal, etc. How do you stay modest when you need to get decked out?

Day 6 - Date Night: What would be the perfect date with the (future) hubby?

Day 7 - Style Crush: Choose an HFW participant's style to try out with your own clothes! Show us which participants inspired you, or mirror a style that you might never have tried before!

thank u icha :)