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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tHijabi Fashion Week baby!

Salaam...hello luvly :)

as u know I'm joining this  HFW thingy...

I am super super excited!yayyy!

It will be held from May 28, 2012 - June 03, 2012, and here are the themes for this season's HFW:

Day 1 - Leaders in Hijab: What leadership roles do you have & how do you dress for them as a hijabi?

Day 2 - Favorite Hijab: Create an outfit inspired by your favorite Hijab!

Day 3 - Time Travel: Bring something back from the past and combine it with a recent item or trend!

Day 4 - Destinations: If you could go anywhere for fun, where would you go & what would you wear?

Day 5 - Special Occasions: Eid, formal, etc. How do you stay modest when you need to get decked out?

Day 6 - Date Night: What would be the perfect date with the (future) hubby?

Day 7 - Style Crush: Choose an HFW participant's style to try out with your own clothes! Show us which participants inspired you, or mirror a style that you might never have tried before!

thank u icha :)

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