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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dinah 1st day at school

Morning lovelies : )
wanted to update yesterday but too busy to even sit down.
phew! as u all know from the previous post my baby girl already going to school.
Masha Allah I still do feel the uneasy feeling to let her go. I even took half day leave from work so I can standby in case anything happen. haha! I know its like totally unnecessary. But common, its like so not fun having to worry about things that is okay actually.
Well, I shall say that's the mother syndrome. sheesh!
I couldn't sleep at night Dinah was just sleeping like a baby. Mommy yang lebih.

Aww! mommy's girl so big now.. Masha Allah :'( But Alhamdulillah its very nice to see her grow. She is very independent. Overall her report for 1st day
- she doesn't cry
- can follow instruction
- behave
but she still need to work on the toilet skills, mb dia malu nk ckp dkt aunties for toilet kot. xpe syg slowly okay.

This was when me & le hubbs went to pick her up from school. Alahai, she is so happy. Alhamdulillah.
hopefully kekal mcm ni k. mommy still worried about u. takut ada orang buli takut aunties marah2 dia. Jangan la marah dia ek dear aunties, she is still small. sbb Dinah if org marah2 she will just cebik & control her tears. kalau jadi kat mommy bole la nk peluk if aunties? will they do that to comfort her?
Ya Allah, risau!

last but not least nah belanja 1 gambar budak bijak nie, nangis sebab nampak kakak. syahdu sangat. cubit muncung tu nanti.

haha angkut dia sebab nak ambek kakak. sedar2 je dah smpai sekolah kakak.

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^