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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Saturday & sunday

Hello people! Hw r u doin?
Sorry for the hiatus, no time to update.. Pc at work sucks! Big time.. So cant really update,gotta wait until I went home but then will be too tired to even move... Haih... Its my 33rd weeks, tired to the fullest mashaAllah... Coping with the panting & feet aching... May Allah make it easier for me on delivery... Ameen~
Omg Im feeling anxious & excited abt it..
Dunnoe abt hubs, he said it is normal... Hope he will be ready this time... After all its gonna be only me,him & Dinah...
Baby stuffs 80% ready... 20% include mattress set, towel with hoodie which we managed to buy 1 but we need more than tht cuz baby might need to change the towel if ze baby pee wee on it..hehe.. Plus need more mittens & botties.. Now we only have 5 pairs...
I think Im gonna get more clothes... Now we only have 7 pairs...
As for dinah, we need more clothes for dinah, as she is growing fast! Pity her most of her clothes cant fit her...
Alright  saturday, we went to IPC for mom's care clearance sales... I wanted to survey for pump, Snowbear Advance single auto... At ampang point mom's care selling price RM190, I thot I might survey if any other place sell at cheaper price.. Anyone know where I get it with cheaper price pls do inform me pls, TQ dearest.. ^_^
But there was no promo for pump :'(
We didn't buy anytg at all, instead we went to IKEA's foodcourt for lunch... Hell lots of people there! But we managed to eventually eat there, phew!

On sunday, we went to my in laws & stayed there for few hours... After that we went to AU2 to shop a bit for baby stuffs...
Shopping for baby stuffs is so much fun!!hehe...