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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cravings & more

Salaam... afternoon people :) hows ur day so far?
mine? so-so...
yesterday I had this cravings for arabian sweets..haha...
u guys ever heard of Baklava?
force hubs to get it for me.. near our house there is this 1 place called Damas Sweet..
sells various of arabian sweets that will definately blow ur mind! no kidding...
went there but 1 of the sweets I want already sold out... :'( cryyyyyy...
baklava was almost sold out as well.. managed to get few pcs for myself & for hubs the pistachio thigy...

yummy sweets!

ouh ya yesterday also I did went to the dentist... yikes! I hate it! just to cover up few holes... ended up covering only 1... it was painful! sharp pain really... & I can't close my mouth due to excessive wide open mouth... I think my jaw was gonna fall of smtg...

vain pics of my lil one..

she wanted to do the ' merajuk' face but ended up like this..haha!

& this also..huhu... don't u love the combination of her outfit?
bought it at a very2 cheap price.. RM50 for both... nice material...

last but not least... where can I get this cannoli???
got this pic from Liza Razak instagram...