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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fly Friday

Hye people (^__^)
good morning & have a fly friday....
tomorrow is weekends! yippie! honestly at this very end of my pregnancy all I wanna do is sit at home & relaks with Dinah & HUbs... But well, Hubs gotta go to work to make sure before I deliver everytg is set up for his trainees...
Hmmm... I feel sorry for him having to do all this simply because he doesn't want me to wait up for him.. Everybody know that its not very pleasant to have to go to work on weekends.. :'(
Its okay baby sabar2 bit2 je...Soon everything will be back to normal In Shaa Allah...
Allah will always be with those who 'sabar'

Anyway, on tuesday We went for my 2nd check up.. I was feeling a bit sick bcuz of the mild contraction.. Felt like throwing up, dizzy & all... So Doc scan the baby, evrytg is okay just that they did a urine test to see if its really contraction or just urine infection... & also they did CTG to monitor baby's movement, heartbeat & how strong is the contraction..
I had to lie down for 20min for the result.. & Alhamdulillah everytg is oukayh just a urine infection.. Well it is harmful to the baby but still manageable...
Doc gave me antibiotic & also a Ural water..
So far its working, no more pain..
Knowning that any day now the baby will come I can't really sleep at night, Hubs had to put his palm on top of my stomach then only i can fall asleep.. eleh, nak daddy pegang je eh baby? terus senyap & tdow.. If not means u main futsal dalam perut mommy..

Next check up will be after raya haji, I don't know if it will last that long..huhuh.. I really cannot wait to see this lil one... Hoping that he/she will come way before the due date... why? I don't know I just can't drag myself to work anymore... People around keep on asking why am I still
working... haha.. Well, I wanted to rest moreeee after delivery.. I wonder why private sector only give 60 days maternity leave rather than 90days?

Baby's stuffs Alhamdulillah all complete, only mattress left.. But my truly awesome officemate wanted to get for me.. :') TQ ladies!
well, nothing much to say really basically I am waiting for the big day... Hubs said that he will cook for me.. hehe~ can u feel the love? Well TQ baby u really truly my hero...

Ok then back to work!