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Monday, July 1, 2013

our getaway

Salaam... hello pretty people! Happy Monday....
huarggghhh! lazy monday... & it rained... bestnye.... Alhamdulillah...
sejuk ok la wanna story about my weekend...
nothing much really... just to share...

on Sat we went for groceries shopping at Tesco Ampang... the road was packed!
I hate traffic! Living in this area I just have to deal with this awful traffic... -_-''

anyway, we had our breafast+ lunch at Burger King's... hubs is so into BK... ok la so we 'layan je'
actually by the time we reached BK, Dinah was sleeping... We didn't want to wake her up so we put her on the sofa.. but end up waking her bcuz of the heat...

burger time!

awww! sweetness

my angels

daddy wanted mommy to look but instead Dinah Nur yg sengih

2nd attempt

daddy got fed up *

Sunday, we went to mama's friends granddaughter birthday...
 lotsa food! hubs & I eat & eat....

see my lil baby so cheeky!

olo, so cute!

daddy's princess..

Later that night we went to Aeon AU2 to do a bit shopping for Dinah's pajamas..
end up buying hub's belt,shoes & undershirt... as for me 1 Maternity blouse & outer wear...
yikes! some of my clothes don't fit me anymore....


our cheeky lil bambam has her own agenda...

can u spot me mommy????


oloh my lil sunshine, u light up mommy's & daddy's life...
u cheer opah up with ur cheekiness..