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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Small belated birthday

Salaam... hello people, long hiatus right? so sorry.. been bz & tired & caught up with my morning sickness.... so lots of entry & update just had to put on hold... Anyway, short update for today... last sunday we went to Pavillion for a quick lunch with my in laws.... we usually do a birthday celebration... so this time was for my sis in law & me! hehe... tutup muka cecepat...malu* well actually I didn't know about it... my hubby was being so hard to get.. he keeps on saying 'no la we no need to go' so I was like ' ok but then not nice la' turned out he know that I will insist bcuz its not everyday he gets to see his family... so we bought the Groupon for Manhattan Fish Market we arrived around 145pm & the place was full... & hubs asked the waiter if we could get seats for 16 people... at 1st the waiter was annoyed & tried to pushed us away... so since mr hubs can speak their language so they were so happy & treat us like we are vip...hehe... after awhile we managed to get a seat in a private section...

the groupon offer

 what I got from them

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