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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good night sleep tight

Good night sleep tight don't let the bed bug bite.. :)
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I'm sick..flu n fever..phlegm some more.. Stress actuallay that's what the doc told me..
Ada jugak org mcm ni..
Bkn nk ambik berat or tanye khabar.. Simpati jauh skali..
U complaint plak about us spreading the germs to u? Hang igt ni AIDS ka? Adoiii.. Hang perangai mcm bebudak.. Kena AIDS bebetul nanti..ok headache now..

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the reality of life

I'm not sure if guys are familiar with this story...
the wife has athma attack & doctor has diagnosed her with serious brain damage...
& the percentage & chances to recover is very low....
so the husband decided to quit his job & take care of the wife 24-7...
it was in the news I believe....
they were husband & wife for only 2 years before she feel sick...

go check out their blog...

Warkah Buat Isteri

Morning glory

Still waiting for the beloved bus or taxi..
They really need to increase the quantity of their service or quality...
Even if the bus come it will be full & a half .. I have experienced fainting.. In the bus! Hahaha.. In this situation no way I'm gonna risk it.. Got mc but not gonna be able to use it.. Shitty right?
I'm soooo gonna be late..! :(
Need to get a car or just simply move to somewhere near lrt..
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