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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


have u ever feel that u're stuck in d middle & can't say or do anytg? I bet u do... its sucky!! hate that feeling...   oukayh contoh situation camtu :-

A & B & C are best frens...well, A & C knw each other since they were small... while B they knew them from high its very recent...they were very close,share everytg &laugh to each others jokes...
everytg hs its high & low so 1 day....

A goes to C & start saying nasty things about B...

A : I dun lyke B anymore...
C : why?
A : B hurt my feelings tht day when u were in d hospital..
C : wat did B said?
A : ...................(telling d story from d beginning till d end)
C : mb B doesnt mean it?
A : still I'm hurt : (

then C came along, jolly as usual...goin to each of us to greet...A was making face showing uneasy feeling 2wards B....B realize tht & goes to C for confirmation :-

B : hey wats up with A?
C : huh? wat do u mean?
B : A was cold2 to me... did i do smtg wrong?
C : i dun knw...........

cn u imagine d situation C is goin thru?????