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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Contest Gayaku D' Pelangi's(sticky entry)

hye luvly : )
since da lame ta join any GA so jowm kite join erk

click banner to join :)

na thu ta ap hadiah2 dye?

so nice ryte? so adalah sgt rugi if korang ta join....
with that i na tag 3 of my bloggers fren

Friday, January 27, 2012

entry laju2(photos)

its been awhile since i wrote kan?kan?kan?
da lameeee jgk ta update abt sikecik tu kan?
oukayh so jowm layan pic dye..hehe..

muke garang sy..hikhik~

me & daddy :)

i wanna cry but at d same tym i wanna smile ^_^
oukayh hw do i look??

mommy & me.... :)

sleepy after the whole day....

me & my opah!

as u can see she is growing up soo fast... she is able to smile & recognize ppl nw... 
I still remember when she was 1st out.....
rinduuuuu sgt...