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Friday, August 30, 2013

young homie

"Young Homie"

Open up my mind with these spoken words,
Let this music heal like an overture,
She's the only one, one, one, yeah, yeah
And so I roll with her, ooh,
That's how it's supposed to be,
Living life with loved ones close to me,
Shh, ahh, this is the remedy,
And I got the recipe, I don't need no Hennessy,
Yeah, it's been nine months now,
Haven't had a drink and I'm starting to see clear now,
I'm putting all my fears down,
I can hear the cheers now,
Seeing peace signs when I look around

Hey, young homie what you trippin' on
Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong,
Life's too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters, when will we get along,
Hey, young homie what you trippin' on,
Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong,
Life's too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters when will we get along

Open up your eyes, look around
Homie, can you see how it's going down?
Brothers locked up, sisters knocked up
If you wanna build your love up, put your hate down
Ooh, that's the only way to live
Turnin' negatives to positives
"It's gonna be alright" Bob Marley said
F*ck the dumb sh*t, keep it movin', that's what time it is

Hey, young homie what you trippin' on
Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong,
Life's too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters, when will we get along
Hey, young homie what you trippin' on
Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong,
Life's too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters, when will we get along

Give peace to the war in the streets,
Give peace to the evil that creeps, yeah,
I just ride, put my hand to the sky,
Live life like I'm never gon' die,
See we be fighting and fussing over nothing,
So much destruction, looking like puppets,
Combusting like nothing, now listen,
It takes education, to change your reputation,
From bad to good, you're gettin' better now you're elevating,
They be singing, family's hanging, everybody's chillin'
Not gonna stop this, living on the feeling,
Man this is the real thing, tell me can you feel me,
Wait 'til they drop this, dancing on the ceiling

Hey, young homie what you trippin' on
Ah, what you really trippin' on,
Life's too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters when will we get along,
Hey, young homie what you trippin' on,
Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong
Life's too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters when will we get along

Young homie what you trippin' on

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dream a little dream of me

Salaam... Happy tuesday luvly people!
Happy working to those who is working...
Anyway, sorry didn't have the chance to update any new entry... Told ya abt my pc at work right? Plus now we have new policy at work 'No phone on the desk' so how to update?? Haha! Excuses.... Actually I wanted to update abt my raya open houses but the pics is with my friend & she is on exam mode, so have to wait for her.... All the best to Shiro & Athirah!! Gambate!

Well then ok, lets talk abt my dream... I notice that everytime I'm pregnant(which is just twice) hehe... Seriusly I will get nightmare every night! Scary dramatic type... Haih...
But anyhow, last night dream was very2 nice... MashaAllah...
What I remembered was I am currently running up & down the stairs while ep.. Awesome right??? Felt like a supermommy..haha! & Alhamdulillah the result was very2 impressive... May Allah keep it real for me soon... In shaa Allah... I can feel the +ve vibes running down my vain thru my blood..!
Please Allah help me... Aamiin...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Le Trianon

Yuhuuu.... Hello people! ^_^v
Its fridayyyyy! Yeayyy! Hehe...

Have u ever tasted Royal Fresh Cake? Also known as Le Trianon? According to a friend of mine its like a Ferrero Rocher in cake form... If u like Ferrero Rocher then ull definately dig this cake.....
Lemme just describe the cake for u...
Consists of 3 layers
Bottom- macaroon base/biscuits
Middle- consists of pure praline,almond & nuts
Top- pure belgian chocolate ganache NO ADDED SUGAR just pure chocolate!
Totally a foodgasm...
Wait! Wanna know how much 1 slice costs? With approximately (3cm width, 7cm breadth, 5cm height) RM8.90!!!
Quater (750g)- RM59(8-12 slices)
Whole cake (3.5kg)- RM229(32-40 slices)
Actually I havent had the chance to try it myself...
The only place u can get it from is
Citta Mall, Ara Damansara LG floor....

Wordless Wednesday kah?

Salaam... Morning people ^_^v  slept around 10 last night... I was supposed to put Dinah to sleep instead mommy tertido.. Hehe... Penat sgt kot? Mcm keje cangkul2... Uish, but seriusly nowadays mmg penat je.... Patutnye nak dduk dgn hubby dpn tv tu... Hubs yg sleepy actually Tp last2 wife yg ketiduran plak... Dinah la ter 'meh meh' mommy ajak masuk bilik baring dgn dia... Eh mommy ni mana bole baring 'je' automatik mata pun nak tertutup je... Haha... Buruk perangai...

Smlm managed to cook for dinner,hubs tu pun dah tk mkn sgt... Kdg2 je if terasa nak mkn itu ini baru dia beria mkn... If not nasi pun taknak.... Diet katanye... Dah gemuk... Sukatik la baby as long as u tak lapar... But bkn ke if dah kawen mmg mcm tu? For guys I mean?... I ok je u gemuk ke buncit ke I terima u seadanya... Eceh!

Anyway, now tgh buat budget & list for baby... Excited!! Tapi gender tak thu lagi... So safe beli white jela kan? Nak beli diapers...hehe... Lps ni kena beli 2 size la, XL & NB... Cute right?
Mmg kena beli cecepat kang baby kuar brg apa pun takde.... Survey2 dulu nak tggu baby fair mmg lambat lagi... So kita beli jela dulu erk...
Nak beli baju baby, nk cuci lagi nak prepare bag pegi hospital lagi...hoi kang tak sempat kang naya je....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday ya'll


Alhamdulillah at last hbs jgk la entry Eid in Penang.... Pegynye 4hari je, entry berpeluh nak taip...
Isk sungguh la... Tapi takpela asalkan korg sudi nak baca... Even tak la best mana... Asal ada ok la kennnn??
Kenapa eh if Ramadhan tu masa macam slow sgt but if Eid, kemain laju hari dia... Bagus jgk sbb nak get ready for delivery pulak ni....
Smlm pegi check up for 31weeks, amboih debor mcm 1st baby je... Takut plak bila terpk abt contraction... MashaAllah.... Takutnyeee....
Dah la jenis tak tahan sakit ni....
May Allah make it easier for me in shaa Allah.... Amin.... Tak mampu la nak sakit lama2...
Anyway after delivery kena hadap confinement plak... Memang la syok sbb gaji masyuk... But nak hadap makanan pantang tu hoiiiii..... Dgn segala macam air periuk la air kunyit la.... Bluekkkkkk!!
Anyway,baby shat je... Heartbeat ok, movement pun ok... Berat naik from last timbang...
Kena start beli barang baby dah ni.... ^_^
Excitednye macam baru nak dpt baby....!!!
Tasaba la nak bau baby, nak pegang baby...
Tak tdow malam.... Hope hubs & me bertabah la...
Baby baik kan?? Behave ok syg...
Smlm hubs ckp 'after this one u rest la baby..'
Ya Allah terharunyeeee! I was like 'betul ke?'
Tak percaya ok, sbb hubs mmg nak anak ramai...
Me is ok je but kena take time la bg heal dulu... So that nanti tak sakit2... Nak focus kt dua org dulu, add on baby besar ni... Haaa, jgn tk thu hubs adalah sgt manje eh actually... Dpn org dia macho la, dpn wife dia manje.... Takpela, manje dgn wife kan kang dia manje dgn org lain??? Haaaa i is bertukar jadi hulk....!
We all planning nak bercuti lagi...hehe... Amboih2 cuti je eh... Next one after baby kuar la... Mcm anniversary cum delivery gift... Bole tak baby?? Teeheeee~ tayah pi jauh2, pd ke cameron ke kk ke...

been craving for these for quite sometime...

kenit ni pun nak jugak..

daddy's reaction...memula jual mahai cakap taknak....

ouh ya, actually wanted to talk about this one particular issue.... Adalah this 'hamba Allah' was my friend back in uni... WAS... He was my senior actually... well, most of the people in my uni are very wealthy.... phew! that was hard to cope... In the end u would be the one who is 'antisocial' just so u don't have to deal with their 'lifestyle' so back to that guy yah... We knew each other from fb.. He asked me out & that time I was single so no harm right? haha... the most I would see him at uni cafe & chat at fb... one day we were talking, he said something that change my perception towards him... He started asking me question & end up telling that ' u know I'm goin out with this other girl also, so I cn choose which one is better' staright to my face!!! MashaAllah as a woman I felt so dumb & stupid... I was his 'experiment' comparison with another person... I didn't wait for him to finish I left... So after I meet Mr Hubs, I stop seeing him so 1 day he saw me with hubs... then right after that he call me just to say ' I made the right choice' Allah, what a man... If u read my blog please know this that wasn't very nice things to do... 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eid in Penang Day 4

Hello people!
Happy Sunday ^_^v
jom la continue ~Eid in Penang~ entry?? 

so its the 4th day & the last day for us in Penang... Actually we haven't had the chance to go to komtar & eat nasi kandar.... If only we chud extend our stay there... 
As early as 7am I woke up & continue packing our luggage... right after that we went for the last visit to the mall 'Paragon' & ' Gurney Plaza'
Paragon was more like klcc, high end boutique... yet Gurney plaza was like pavillion & times square...
Had our breakfast at Dome...

my outfit for that day
 tie dye dress from #nabanabacollection
shawl gift from a friend

colouring with daddy

Honeycomb Goldrush

choc chip muffin

last pic for the day before we depart from penang airport back to KL...
Hoping to come back here soon.... ^_^

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eid in Penang Day 3

Heyya people! Happy Sunday! ^_^v
sorry didn't manage to update any entry yesterday.. was too busy resting at home...huhu ;p
I did went out actually, but very late... after maghrib me & hubs went out to buy Dinah's milk & iron board... haha! the old one eventually need to retire.... Hubs got that ever since he was in college...phew!
anyway, lets continue with Eid in Penang entry shall we?
here goes...

So on day 3 abg promise to take us to Penang Hill also known as 'Bukit Bendera'... We wanted to go early in the morning but abg came a bit late... We stopped by mama's hotel to chill the kids were at the swimming pools... & when Dinah saw she was so excited but her old swimsuits cannot fit her no more! upsy! :p so daddy decided to just buy new one for her instead... We tried to buy for her at the mall but it was too expensive... -_-'' 1 suit cost us around $80!!! thank god at the hotel they do sell at a very much cheaper price... $45 quite reasonable...

early morning walk... 

she was so excited when she saw the 'wower' (flower) along the way....

tadaaaa! ouh my baby is growing fastttttt... :'(

off to the pool with her cousins... But initially they can't carry her that long....
did I mention she is super heavy???

still trying to carry her...

Lastly daddy had to jump in & safe the day! that pants also bought at the same place...

After swimming we went straight to Penang Hill...

waiting for the train....

daddy was trying to divert her attention because she was beginning to be cranky...

FINALLY!! we are here..... just look at the fascinating view... SubhanAllah..

Isn't it amazing??

mommy's turn

one of the attraction.. u have to queue to use this binoculars...
pay $1 & u can see the whole Penang... But hubs said its useless...

In case ure hungry there are few restaurants for example like this 'Sky Terrace'
& also a foodcourt.... : )

climbing up 

ececece... hubs said this would make a beautiful screensaver... LOL!

This was the old type of transportation called 'Sedan Chair'
The people used to carry the british officers with this... yikes! -_-''

while waiting for daddy...

started to be funny & cranky...

see that teary eyes???

here we go again


she wanted the flower actually.. but no flower plucking la baby....

drama queen la u.... mommy will definately show u this when ure older...

Le dessert at the foodcourt... told ya it is HOLY!

OMG! the queue to go down hill...

check how long it is...

lil bambam is sleepy already..

mommy is tired of standing & dinah is sleepy...

at last! thank god for this new stroller....

We had to wait for 45min for the train to arrive... but overall it was a wonderful experience indeed...
Later that night we went to Batu Ferringi for the night market.... 

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^