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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hello Love ^_^

Hi lovelies ^_^v
sorry for the loooongggggggg hiatus....
been busy with work, family & blablabla....
update about life... Dinah & Deen Alhamdulillah sihat...
Last week me & Dinah just recovered from a very loonnnggggg fever.... phew!
It was indeed tiring to even think about it... I was totally out had to take 3 days mc from work...
But Dinah was even more pity bcuz she cant even eat or drink water :'(
she will throw up everytg she ate or drink... Masha Allah I just have to stay strong not to broke down & cry... hihi silly me
anyway, I am currently under a huge dilemma of things... :'( I just when this happened u know, It makes me feel like something is wrong but I cant fix it & thts just very very frustrating!
hmm... Dinah & mama will be goin to sarawak this coming weekend.. me & hubbs are planning to either stay at home or take Deen out..  but it won't be fun without Dinah around.. ouh well mama insisted to take Dinah with her..
alright then till next time.. Im gonna get back to work now.. praying for a raise & promotion perhaps...kikiki~
p/s : if any of u followed my Instagram (ninazeeisme) & my fb (nina zee) I recently did upload few pic of my preloved stuffs.. go check it out if ure interested :-)
pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

meh nak letak pic my 2 army nie

hehe... my cheeky lil one

teaser for next update?