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Monday, November 11, 2013

Dinah turns 2

Hi lovely people ^_^v
So sorry for the long hiatus... Been busy staying at home doing nothing... hehe~
Anyway, Its my 26th day of my confinement... woohooo!
18 more days to go...gambate!!
ouh my counting days...
It feels like just yesterday I gave birth...

ok,  so on 30th Oct was Dinah's birthday.. We did something small2 for her...
Lets check out few pic on that day.....

such a simple cake.

aww..... mommy's girl is already 2 years old...

okla nah tgk tuan blog... muka pucat weyh sememeh jek... 

something small for u baby.. hope u like it...

To my baby girl :
Happy birthday darling, my Allah protect u always from evil eyes & any harm.
Remember the day when u were born.. mommy was so afraid that I might not be a great mom to u..
Looking at ur small hand makes mommy fall in love with u all over again.
 Until today well ure not that small anymore...
So then mommy realize that I don't have to be a great mom, I just have to be a good mom.
to both my Dinah Nur & Salahuddeen...
May u grow up to be a great woman wonderful person... ameen~ 
In shaa Allah...
Mommy Daddy & Deen love u so much baby!