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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Delivery story *part 2*

Hello daisy  ☺
phew its been 18 days of my confinement Alhamdulillah it feels like just yesterday I gave birth..
So as promise I am goin to cont my delivery story part 2..

27 Apr 4am
ouh yea 4got to tell u b4 they check the opening they will 1st put that machine where they will wrap a belt around ur tummy to monitor baby's heart beat.. the contraction was very near & intense..
the nurse came to check & she inform me that she will check the opening now as the contraction is there..

Nurse : ouh puan dah bukak 4/5cm ye. So puan kena tukar baju hospital then saya nk masuk ubat buntut.

Me : Okay (as I was shocked & nervous bcuz I am goin to be in actove labour once its 6cm.) Tp sy nk epidural.

Nurse : hurmmm... tp puan skrg dah xsempat ye sbb klau dah pecah ketuban mungkin baby keluar sekali.

Me : Huh? (I almost faint when I heard no epidural) tlg la cuba

Nurse : okay xpe puan tukar baju dulu sy cuba call dr.

After changing clothes  the nurse came back & I was praying for miracle so the epidural Dr will be with her or something..

Nurse : sorry puan saya dah call 3 doc semua kata xsempat. Harini isnin kan jem lagi.

After that terus ngadu dgn hubby :'(
dah kata manja haruslah.. hahah!

LOL! Peningla hubby layan.. dah la tengah sakit, dorg xbagi hubby naik teman plak.. nangis2 oiii tahan sakit..

After solat they asked me to go into the labour room.. dgn hubby xde lagi xde epidural mmg sedih la.. tahan sakit sorg2.. pang kang nak?? Manja sangat2..

few min in the labour room suddenly I felt someone touching my head rupanya suami.. Alhamdulillah dapat tgk muka suami lega sket.. dpt kekuatan luar biasa.. Hahaha! Hubby ckp its oukay sabar2 bit2 yah.. u can do it.. 
haih! Masalahnye xthu bole tahan ke x.. so redha jela..

The nurse came asked me that if I want a jab to induce & to make the opening faster but it wont reduce the pain.. so I said no need bcuz it'll cost a lot but no different..
Then she came in again to burst my water.. After that I am ald 7cm dilated, the pain I dont have to describe.. Plus after that they put the tube for my pee, so uncomfy I am praying for all the pain to go away...

i kept on telling hubby tht its too painful I cant go on.. Haha! Pang kang! Lps tu doc pun masuk, around 730 mcm tu doc ckp kepala baby nampak dah so whenever I felt like I wanna poo poo I can just push, after that I felt an urge to go so I push as hard as I can.. Despite the pain I just want to get over it..
I think I was screaming Allah too loud cuz right after that my throat is painful.. haha..

27 Apr 8am
A beautiful baby girl was born 3.2kg weight Alhamdulillah 

Honestly speaking mmg la sakit w/o epidural but different will be u xrasa hang over right after tht u bole buat semua sendiri... plus if u r lucky bawah tu pun xjahit...
so if possible xyah la ambek epidural/gas...

Till then, gonna cont my confinement with positivity : )

Nah belanja kaki tangan dulu :p

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^